Farrah Abraham Wears ‘Spank Academy’ Butt Plug While Listening To ‘Strippers & Thugz’

Rachel MurrayGetty Images

Farrah Abraham appears to have been perusing some adult merchandise. The former Teen Mom OG star took to her Instagram stories earlier today to update fans on her activities.

Farrah’s photo showed her in the inside of a store where the 28-year-old had given a shout-out to adult toy specialist The Spank Academy. Given the rows of fur tails in the background and the one poking out from the star’s peachy rear, it can be assumed that Farrah was browsing Spank Academy’s kinky offerings. The company retails an array of furry tails on its website; the natural, dyed, or “cream of the crop” tails are butt plugs.

Precisely which of the company’s products Farrah was giving a try wasn’t clarified, although the star did appear to be having fun. Farrah’s photo showed her sending the camera a giant and slightly naughty smile as she posed in profile with the furry tail in full view. Admittedly, the finish isn’t what most celebrities send out on their Instagram stories, but Farrah is no run-of-the-mill Hollywood face. The mother of one was, however, dressed in a mostly casual wardrobe of flip-flops with an off-the-shoulder top. Her black-and-gold pants were upping the ante, though.

A helpful playlist appeared at the top of Farrah’s photo. As fans could see, Farrah was listening to Spank Nitti James’ “Strippers & Thugz.”

Farrah’s adult-centric image has intensified of late. The star’s departure from Teen Mom OG earlier this year came as a decision to focus on a career in the adult entertainment industry – as Cosmopolitan reports, Farrah “quit.” For many fans though, Farrah leaving the MTV franchise was more a case of the star being fired. The Nebraska native may still be raising her daughter, but this celebrity mother now comes with an eyebrow-raising reputation on account of her internet-circulated sex tapes.

As the magazine reports, Farrah took to social media to address her Teen Mom OG departure, the Time’s Up movement, and her thoughts in general.

“I’m tired of working around a company who exploits my sexuality yet harasses me for my sexuality #timesup #unsafe boring tactics that should be stopped… let’s look at your sex lives..you have no room to speak,” she tweeted.

Farrah shot to fame on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before becoming a core member of Teen Mom OG. While Farrah’s career on the popular franchise has come to an end, it looks like her days as a headline-maker are alive and well. Fans wishing to see more of Farrah should follow her Instagram.