Model Ireland Baldwin Goes Braless In Low-Plunging Tank Top

Ireland Baldwin turned heads during a shopping outing in Los Angeles yesterday.

As fans know, Ireland has some great genetics as the daughter of actor Alec Baldwin and actress Kim Basinger. She's made a name for herself in the modeling industry, and she also happens to be cousins with Hailey Baldwin. But when she's not busy strutting her stuff on the runway or working, Baldwin is often spotted out and about in LA — which was the case yesterday. New images shared by The Daily Mail show the blonde-haired beauty looking casual but sexy for a shopping outing.

In the photos, a makeup-free Baldwin looks stunning, wearing her long blonde locks up in a high bun. The 23-year-old showed off her flawless figure for the occasion, rocking a low-cut, black tank top dipped down that offered generous views of cleavage as she went braless. Baldwin tucked the tank top into a pair of high-waisted jeans and matched her black sandals to the tank.

The model held a purse and a phone in her hand and showed off a tattoo sleeve on her right arm. In one of the other images shared by the publication, the blonde bombshell held an iced coffee in one hand as she chatted on the phone in her other. The outing comes shortly after the 23-year-old made headlines for posing topless on Instagram.

As The Inquisitr reported, Ireland posted a topless photo of herself on the beach. In the snapshot, the model held both hands in the air as she posed with an ocean just behind her back. To go along with the sexy photo, the stunner shared a body-positive message with her 500,000-plus followers.
"Yoooo!!! love your body. respect your body. stop spending your money on juul pods. spend it on vitamins and veggies. get your ti**ies checked. get active. get vitamin d. breathe fresh air. be happy. laugh it all off. spend your remaining time on this earth with people who love you and make you feel good and if you don't have many of those people, get out and go look for them. some of y'all are taking this whole life thing so da** seriously... and it's so not worth it."
The July 3 post earned the model a ton of attention from her fans, amassing over 29,000 likes in addition to 700-plus comments. Baldwin has been very open and honest about her past struggles with eating disorders and spoke out this past August, reminding fans to "find your healthy balance" because life's too short.