Amanda Seyfried Slams Influencer Arielle Charnas Over Bikini Pic

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Amanda Seyfried has had enough of social media influencers promoting unrealistic and unhealthy body images, reports E! News.

On Tuesday, the social media model Arielle Charnas posted a picture in a green bikini where she flaunted her toned abs. In the caption, she proclaimed she was proud of her toned body after having two children. Commenters took issue with her declaration, noting her figure is unobtainable to most.

One upset commenter was Amanda’s friend. The actress’s pal demanded Arielle to acknowledge her privilege as a wealthy woman and genetics make her “body possible.”

She also noted the model was glorifying an unhealthy body image that is fetishized by impressionable young women. The friend went onto explain the picture sustains the unrealistic notion women are able to get their post-baby bodies back after childbirth. She pointed out the model was able to do so because she has nannies to take care of her children while she works out.

According to Cosmopolitan, Amanda reposted her friend’s comments on Instagram. In the caption, she expressed her anger over the situation, revealing that Arielle blocked both Amanda and her friend. Amanda insists the 31-year-old influencer should have been more willing to have a discussion about her power on social media platforms. The actress wants Arielle to decide if posting a picture flaunting her physique is worth potentially harming those who desperately want to look like her.

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Some felt Amanda was out of bounds, but the actress held her ground. In another Instagram post, the mother-of-one requested those with influence to use it to empower others.

As stated in Cosmopolitan, Arielle responded to Amanda’s criticism in a now-expired Instagram Story. The model said she felt “bullied” and thought she was being “punished” because she is skinny.

E! News revealed Arielle’s husband, Brandon Charnas, was unhappy with the situation. On his Instagram, he posted a throwback picture of the couple. In the caption, he made fun of the claims his wife body was unattainable.

Despite her husband’s support, many fan seems to be siding with Amanda and her friend.

“The body positivity movement is not for us thin white women. Our bodies have already been celebrated and empowered. There’s nothing revolutionary or in need of attention about an extremely thin privileged woman,” a commenter recently wrote on Arielle’s controversial bikini picture.

“Thank you @ariellecharnas for acknowledging your privilege / multiple caregivers who made your excessive workouts possible oh wait,” chimed in another.