Alan Dershowitz Claims 'I Kept My Underwear On' During 'Massage' By 'Old Russian' At Jeffrey Epstein's Mansion

Jonathan Vankin

Famed defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz, who has represented such high profile accused killers or attempted killers as O.J. Simpson and Claus von Bulow, has found himself at the center of the Jeffery Epstein underage sex trafficking case. In a police affidavit, a woman who says that she was forced to serve as a "sex slave" for Epstein, according to The New York Daily News, stated under oath that she had "sexual intercourse" with Dershowitz "at least six times" while she was in Epstein's "servitude."

A second woman also named Dershowitz as a patron of Epstein's alleged sex trafficking ring, according to the BBC. The second woman said that Dershowitz received a "massage" at Epstein's lavish Palm Beach mansion, where the prominent lawyer — who has recently become one of the most outspoken defenders of Donald Trump against special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation — was allegedly a frequent visitor.

Dershowitz has flatly denied the allegations. But recently, the former Harvard Law School professor added a bizarre new wrinkle to his story, admitting that he had, in fact, received a "massage" at Epstein's home, according to his statements in an interview with Miami's WPLG-TV. Dershowitz gave the WPLG interview in April, but the clip went viral this week on Twitter, apparently due to Dershowitz's claim that "I left my underwear on" during the massage.

Watch the Dershowitz segment, courtesy of WPLG via the station's YouTube account, below.

Dershowitz also claimed in his WPLG interview that he never saw young girls during his visits to Epstein's residences. But in her affidavit, posted online via the document site Scribd, the woman who claims that she had "sexual intercourse" with Dershowitz at 16 years old — Virginia Roberts Giuffre — also said that Dershowitz was so relaxed about the sexual activity at Epstein's homes, that he "would come and chat with Epstein while I was giving oral sex to Epstein."

Dershowitz was a member of Epstein's defense team when the multi-millionaire was first indicted for sex trafficking in 2007 and 2008. The Harvard lawyer was instrumental in negotiating a controversial "non-prosecution" agreement, reported last year by the Miami Herald, that resulted in Epstein serving just 13 months in prison, much of that time out of the prison facility on "work release."