Reese Witherspoon Rocks Red Swimsuit, Gets ‘Biggest Wedgie Ever’ On Boat Slide

Reese Witherspoon attends Hello Sunshine x Together Live at Auditorium Theatre of Roosevelt University
Robin Marchant / Getty Images for Hello Sunshine x Together Live Tour

Reese Witherspoon is having the time of her life vacationing with friends and family — according to her social media, at least.

The 43-year-old is currently on a well-deserved tropical break with her children, daughter Ava Phillippe and sons Deacon Phillippe and Tennessee James, and she has been documenting the most fun moments of her trip on her Instagram page. In fact, she posted a video of herself bravely facing a three-story boat slide after being challenged by “two teenagers” and hyped by her friend Sara Blakely, the mastermind behind Spanx.

Reese rocked a sexy red swimsuit as she took deep breaths and prepared to go down the vertiginous slide and into the crystal clear water. She followed her 15-year-old son Deacon’s example and aced the challenge, screaming loudly as she slid into the blue ocean.

The Big Little Lies star also posted the entire thing on her Instagram stories, and at the end of the video, her friend Sara is heard saying, “Reese! That’s the ultimate wedgie,” after which she laughs joyfully. Reese seems astounded at the fact that she actually did it, claiming it was “so far” while swimming towards the boat. However, this was not her first go at some adventurous action during this trip.

Before convincing his mom to take on the huge boat slide, Deacon also managed to get her to jump off the boat’s edge with him. The two held hands as he said, “Don’t overthink it mom” and counted to three. Reese screamed while facing the heights and jumping into the tropical waters, jokingly posting a selfie on her Insta stories afterwards with the caption, “Good news: I survived!” She then added the “bad news” bit — “I have a gallon of sea water in my nose.”

The handsome family seems to be having a wonderful time during their vacation, with Reese also posting an adorable snap of her daughter Ava, 19, walking hand in hand with younger brother Tennessee, 6, along the beach. The Hollywood star’s jumping-off-the-boat clip garnered over two million views, as well as nearly 1,200 comments. Many of her 18.2 million Instagram followers took to the comment section to praise her braveness, as well as her natural beauty.

“Can’t stop watching and I’m nervous every time!!!” one online user wrote, while someone else joked, “Yes Deacon!! Now a flip.”

One fan also pointed out how Reese’s youthfulness is hard to miss: “Definitely watched this several times before realizing this was you and not your daughter.”