Brooke Burke Rocks Tiny Bikini At 47: ‘Like The Finest Wine Ever’

Rich PolkGetty Images for World of Children

Brooke Burke can rock a bikini now at the age of 47 as well as she ever has, and her fans have taken notice. The entertainer’s latest Instagram look is earning rave reviews, and it definitely has generated a lot of heat quite quickly.

On Tuesday, Brooke shared a new shot to her Instagram page showcasing her insane physique in a tiny bikini. Burke was photographed at the beach, the ocean behind her, smiling as she chatted on the phone.

In this sexy shot, Burke had a blue button-down shirt hanging off of one shoulder, open in the front. She had a blue director’s chair behind her, and she leaned back on it as she posed for the photo.

Burke posed with one leg bent, her foot resting gently by the knee of her other leg, a position that served to enhance all of her incredible angles. Brooke wore her brunette locks swept up in a casual updo, and she was barefoot with minimal accessories to let her bikini and big smile do most of the talking.

Brooke didn’t note the brand of her bikini, but it was a striped set that left little to the imagination. The triangle top flaunted Burke’s cleavage, and the tiny bikini bottoms sat so low on her hips that it appeared that a wardrobe malfunction could happen at any moment.

The likes and comments from fans piled up on this photo from the very first minute it was posted to Brooke’s page.

One follower commented, “you’re like the finest wine ever.”

Plenty of people simply noted that Burke was beautiful and gorgeous in their comments.

“I’ve watched you pretty much my adult life. You are amazing and beautiful. Thanks for making my day.”

Burke’s chiseled abs prompted a number of comments from impressed followers. In addition, many followers asked for insight on her workout routine and diet.

Brooke has certainly come a long way since first becoming a familiar name thanks to posing for Playboy and hosting the show Wild On! on the E! network. She has gone on to tackle many other gigs since that show initially debuted in 1997, and these days she has built an empire all her own.

The Inquisitr recently noted that Burke has launched her own app, as well as her own podcast. She is the mom to four kids and still pops up on various television shows.

Brooke Burke may be 47-years-old and the mama to four, but the former Playboy model is also stunningly gorgeous. Few can rock a bikini quite as she can, a point she made definitively clear in this latest Instagram shot.