Iskra Lawrence Flaunts Her Cleavage In New Instagram Post

Iskra Lawrence smiles at Gov Ball
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Iskra Lawrence has shown Instagram once again why she is one of the world’s top models. The British beauty set pulses racing after uploading a shot of herself modeling a bikini, with her ample bosom on full display.

Iskra has been an icon for body positivity, becoming Aerie’s first brand ambassador. The company launched a campaign, called #aeriereal, which used models of all shapes and sizes in their catalog. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and sales of the intimates brand soon outpaced Victoria’s Secret.

In addition to modeling, Iskra also participates in events that help support body positivity. For example, she is also an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association and often speaks at events. In addition, she launched a Facebook series called the Mirror Challenge, in which she arranged “makeovers” for people in order to help themselves embrace who they are.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, the British beauty explained that her focus was to make people feel “happy and at one with yourself.”

“To me that’s beauty,” she concluded. “That’s what people are attracted to.”

In her most recent update, Iskra posted a shot of herself wearing a new triangle bikini. It had a vintage feel, with brown, light blue, and white color blocks, and showed off her cleavage to its best advantage. The model wore little, if any makeup, and kept the rest of her look simple, with a dainty diamond necklace as her only accessory. Her blonde hair was styled in a loose blowout and fell naturally around her shoulders. To set the scene was a gorgeous beige and red rock behind her, as the stunner was in Big Water, Utah.

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Selfie avec rock

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The picture won high praise, with over 176,000 likes and almost 1,140 comments. Iskra was actually one of those comments, as she explained that her service was incredibly “dodgy,” but that she would make an effort to read all messages and loved all of her fans.

In the Teen Vogue interview, Iskra gushed about how she feels lucky to be able to help women become more positive about themselves and their bodies.

“I never could have dreamt that I would be able to help girls feel better about themselves. But now I know I can I want to do everything in my power to do more. There is no better feeling and those girls have now become my motivation and drive to keep working harder to try and make a difference,” she said.

When asked about her best piece of advice, Iskra relied on the wisdom of Oscar Wilde.

“Be you, everyone else is already taken.”

“And I’ve committed to living by this, really developing your sense of self and focusing on being the best version of yourself,” she concluded.