Haley Webb Alleges 3-Decades-Older Kevin Sorbo Pressured Her To Sleep With Him, ‘Shamed’ Her When She Refused

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Former Hercules star Kevin Sorbo has gone on to become one of the most outspoken conservative actors in Hollywood, thanks to his comments during the 2016 presidential campaign. Back then, he told TMZ that he believed Jesus Christ would have voted for Donald Trump. But when he took to Twitter earlier this week to defend Trump’s outgoing press secretary Sarah Sanders, Sorbo received a response he likely did not anticipate from a onetime big-screen co-star.

That response came from 33-year-old actress Haley Webb, who is perhaps best known for her stint on the Teen Wolf TV series, per her Internet Movie Database entry. In 2015, Webb played leading lady to Sorbo in the film Single in South Beach, a romantic comedy about “an attractive single woman [who] confuses love with money and becomes [a] victim of the materialism of South Beach, Miami,” according to IMDb.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Webb alleged that she was the victim of sexual harassment by Sorbo on the set of that film.

Her post came in response to Sorbo who, two days earlier, posted his thoughts about Sanders and “feminism” on Twitter.

“Not one feminist has defended Sarah Sanders,” Sorbo wrote. “It seems women’s rights only matter if those women are liberal.”

It was unclear which of Sanders’ “rights” were under threat, in Sorbo’s opinion.

KevinSorbo speaks.
Former 'Hercules' star Kevin Sorbo has not yet responded to Haley Webb's allegations.Featured image credit: Amanda EdwardsGetty Images

But in a scathing response on her own Twitter account, Webb wrote that Sorbo had pressured her to have sex with him. When she refused his advances, he allegedly proceeded to “publicly shame her on set.” Webb also alleged in the tweet that Sorbo then approached the film’s director to “insist” that “unnecessary sex scenes between us” be added to the film.

Webb concluded that, as a result of his alleged behavior, Sorbo should not “be flapping his gums about feminism.” She also noted that Sorbo, who is now 60-years-old, was older than her by three decades.

As of Saturday, Webb had not elaborated on the allegations, either on Twitter or in any other public forum, according to a report by The AV Club.

Sorbo has not directly responded to Webb’s allegations as of Saturday. But he did post a message to Twitter, in which he complained that “thanks to the internet, you can say anything about anyone and it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.”

The alleged sexual misconduct described by Webb would have occurred the year after Sorbo appeared in the fundamentalist Christian-themed film God’s Not Dead, according to a Relevant Magazine report. The film ignited a second phase to Sorbo’s career, as he became a box-office attraction in the “faith-based” film market.

Sorbo has also directed two “faith-based” films, according to IMDb, the 2017 movie Let There Be Light, and the upcoming film, Miracle In East Texas.