Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin Reportedly Finally Decided To Buy Matching Wedding Bands For This Reason

Nicholas HuntGetty Images

Nine months after their courthouse wedding in September 2018, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin finally made a trip to Cartier’s in Beverly Hills to pick up matching platinum wedding bands. The two have been proudly rocking their rings in public since May 26, but why did it take them nine months to break out the symbols of their marriage? According to an inside source, Bieber wanted rings to prove a point about his marriage.

“Justin wants to send a loud and clear message to everyone that he is fully committed to Hailey and very married,” a source told Hollywood Life. “This is his way of shouting it from the rooftops, it is very significant.”

The source added that Bieber, 25, doesn’t wear the ring all the time because he doesn’t love to wear jewelry, but he is making an effort to wear it frequently.

“He wants everyone to know how proud he is to be Hailey’s husband,” the source continued.

Meanwhile, Baldwin, 22, is happy to wear another ring on her finger. She has been sporting an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring since Bieber asked her to marry him in July 2018. Now, she’s thrilled to add a matching band with her husband to her collection.

“It means a lot to her because it’s a symbol of their commitment,” HL’s source said.

Bieber opted to wear Cartier’s C de Cartier Wedding Band complete with a diamond, which reportedly retails for $2,680. Baldwin reportedly chose the Love Wedding Band, which is slightly cheaper because it comes without the diamond. Her wedding band is ticketed at $2,380.

Both Baldwin and Bieber were photographed wearing their rings earlier this week. Baldwin was spotted leaving a workout on Monday with the engagement ring and the wedding band on her finger, according to People.

Later that day, Bieber shared a series of photos to Instagram promoting his clothing line, Drew House. One image showed the singer posing with his head down while his hand rested on his beanie, revealing the platinum band on his ring finger.

Bieber and Baldwin married quietly in a courthouse in New York City last September, but they hope to have a bigger ceremony for family and friends in the future. A source recently told Us Weekly that the couple is thinking of having the wedding in September 2019, near their one-year anniversary. They’re reportedly not in a rush to host the wedding, though, as Bieber is taking time to focus on his mental health and his musical career after a long hiatus.