Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Flaunts Her Very Fit Booty In Barely-There Yoga Pants

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One of the most beautiful and captivating women in the world — and one of the most prominent Instagram influencers as well, per Business Insider — Anna Nystrom shows no signs of slowing her roll as she pushes forward in her modeling career. Boasting a substantial Instagram following numbering 7.8 million individual users and counting, the Swedish stunner has created an entire business around her striking looks and incredibly fit body.

Now, in her most recent Instagram share — one comprised of two different, yet similar, images — Anna sets hearts aflutter and pulses racing. A promotional post in the service of red-hot style label Freddy, the two images seek to sell backpacks as well as the model’s innate sex appeal. In the first image, Anna is captured standing between two tree trunks, her upper torso turned towards the camera lens. A black backpack hangs loosely from her shoulders, but the focal point of the photo clearly rests upon the Swedish model’s curvaceous derriere.

The clinging fabric of her gray yoga pants hugs every inch of her lower half, leaving very little to the imagination in the process. Anna’s dark, gorgeous eyes are framed with a bit of black liner to create a smoky effect, and perfectly shaped eyebrows accentuate her eyes even further. Her iconic platinum blond tresses are styled in a sweeping side part, her fine locks tumbling about her neck, shoulders and chest.

In the caption attached to the photo, Anna speaks at length about the backpack she is promoting, pointing out that it should typically be fitted a bit tighter than she is currently demonstrating. Despite the professional tone of the caption, her fans seemed to fall in love with the series of two photos, lavishing more than 93,000 likes and 1,000-plus comments on the share. The vast majority of the visible comments were largely complimentary in nature.

” I prefer backpacks too [smiley emoticon] You’re looking amazing, Anna,” one admirer gushed, punctuating the comment with a number of romantic emojis.


“Perfect outfit it goes with your style and I agree with the backpack,” a second supporter remarked, adding some hiking-related emoji to that message.

“You are simply a fantastic soul so beautiful from the inside out angel @annanystrom,” a third fan enthused, waxing poetic.

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Just a repost tonight. To be honest I’ve been feeling really stressed and ”off” these last couple of days. On top of that I fainted today and was unconscious for a while. Luckily Richard caught me when I fell. But I was pretty chocked after and it was a scary feeling not having control of your own body. It has never happened to me before so hopefully it’s just a one time thing! There are a lot of things outside Instagram that you never see, and like everybody else, I have my bad days too. But when I do have them, I try to remind myself of everything good in my life and surround myself with the things and the people I love the most! (So they can be there to catch me, literally haha) It’s easy to look at people over the internet, thinking everything is so damn perfect all the time. But in the end of the day we are all humans, going through our own things or struggles. Anyway, I hope everything is well with you guys ???? Thank you for always being so kind and supporting. It means a lot and I’m really thankful for every single one of you.

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Anna Nystrom continues to be one of the premiere faces of Instagram, stunning her most serious devotees at every turn. Fans and followers from every country on Earth await her posts with bated breath, excited to see what she might offer up next.