Dr. Dre Accused Of Exploiting Nipsey Hussle’s Death After Old Interview Resurfaces

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Dr. Dre is being accused of exploiting the death of rapper Nipsey Hussle after an old interview of Hussle expressing his feelings on the legendary producer resurfaced.

HotNewHopHop reports that shortly after Hussle’s death, Dre posed with rapper The Game next to a portrait of Hussle. But, back in 2013, Hussle accused Dre of failing to support him — and other West Coast gangsta rappers — in an interview with Bootleg Kev.

“It wasn’t like a direct shot. It was just like me speaking what was true to me at the moment. We doing us, and we gonna push regardless of co-signs, help, people coming down dropping ropes.”

Hussle also called out Dre on his song “Keys 2 The City” from The Marathon, claiming that Dre had passed on working with him.

“Hussle, hussle, Dre passed, Def Jam, Capital Alantic too / Thought that I’ll be dead or doing life, ’cause what I rap is true / Just another you know who.”

Given the seemingly non-existent relationship between Hussle and Dre, fans thought that Dre posing beside Hussle’s picture was in poor taste.

“Nip wanted to work with him so badly, he said it so many times. It was one of his dreams and he constantly ignored him,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Dre should not be near any Nipsey tribute or anything related to Nip,” wrote another.

Hussle was gunned down — allegedly by 29-year-old Eric Holder — on March 31. The rapper was shot while outside of his Marathon Clothing store in Crenshaw, a Los Angeles neighborhood. Holder reportedly murdered Hussle due to a personal beef, and also allegedly pistol-whipped a man just one hour before the shooting, per The Source.

But as The Inquisitr reported, rapper BG Knocc believes that Holder — also known as Shi**y Cuz — killed Hussle as part of a larger conspiracy, and points to the video footage of the murder as evidence. He claims that the footage reveals that Holder met with another man in a car to acquire the murder weapon, which Holder reportedly threw back in the car after shooting Hussle.

Hussle’s death led to a historic sit-down by members of over 30 gangs. But some are skeptical that the peace will last, pointing to the murder of one — and injury of three others — at a memorial procession for Hussle.

Celebrities that attended Nipsey’s memorial service include Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Meek Mill, and Diddy. Former President Barack Obama also wrote a letter in tribute to the late musician, in which he praised the rapper’s work with his community.