Rita Ora Shows Off Sexy New Tattoos On Instagram

Pop singer Rita Ora has closed out the European leg of her current tour and celebrated by adding some new tattoos to her rock hard bod. Rita went to notorious tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher for her new ink, and she documented the whole thing on Instagram.

The new post from Rita featured five photos, the first of which showed her alongside Henk in the tattoo parlor, where she donned a black turtleneck and leopard print pants. The 50 Shades of Grey actress wore her famous blond locks super straight and paired the look with a bold red lip.

In the second image of the bunch, Rita is featured getting her first tattoo of the evening, which was placed in the center of her back. The songstress seemed completely at ease in the image, not even hinting that she was in any sort of pain. The third photo displayed Henk putting another tattoo on her right hand, specifically on her fingers, and once again Rita was completely unfazed by the pain.

The last two photos in the post showed off the hot new tattoos. The first one from her back was a sword piercing straight through a heart and was placed directly below an older tattoo. From the picture, the tattoo doesn't seem to be very large, as the camera appears to have zoomed in on the new ink.

The finger tattoos were placed on her right index and ring fingers and featured a variety of symbols and dots. Rita did not explain the context of the mysterious new ink at this time, but they added perfectly to the already impressive amount of tattoos she already has.

Some other famous tattoos of Rita's include a geometrical tree of life which is quite large on the top center of her back. This is the tattoo directly above her new sword/heart tattoo which features 11 circles that are all connected. Rita also has a black rose tattooed on her left wrist that expands onto her arm and down her hand.

The singer also has a small black smiley face on her right ear, as well as other symbols like triangles, hearts, and wishbones spread throughout her body. One of her most famous tattoos is of a ballerina which sits on her right tricep right above her elbow. It's definitely one of the most impressive of the bunch and is very graceful.

Other tattoos of Rita's include a large pin-up girl on her ribcage, a dove on her right shoulder blade, a feather on her right hand, and the Greek goddess of love on her bicep. Rita's tattoo count lies somewhere around 30 for now, and the singer doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon.