Alexis Ren Flaunts Toned Midriff & Sends A Message To Haters On Instagram

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Alexis Ren shared a serene photo of herself with her Instagram fans today, but also paired the post with a message to her haters. In the image, the model leaned against a cement fence or bench, as she closed her eyes and tilted her head up toward the sunlight. She smiled with her lips closed, and rocked an off-the-shoulder white crop shirt. It had a corset-like tie accent in the front, and she showed off her toned midriff. Ren completed the look with a pair of light jeans. In the backdrop, you could see a tree with pink flowers, possibly cherry blossoms.

But more notable than Alexis’ photo was her caption, where she went into detail about how being called derogatory names, or being told who she is by others, affects her negatively. This isn’t the first time that Ren’s gotten real about what it’s like to be a popular Instagram sensation, as she previously talked about it during a Q&A session via her stories. Obviously the negative attention bothered her to such a point that she needed to speak out about it again, and hopefully it helped her feel better. But it does appear that haters pop up almost anywhere online, and unfortunately, hearing hateful things can be routine for popular social media stars.

Luckily, Ren has her share of loyal fans, many of which responded to the post with encouragement and love for the model. Fellow social media stars Chiara Ferragni, Maddie Ziegler, and Emma Slater stopped by also to leave their messages of understanding and support.

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your assumptions and judgements hurt. I am trying to figure out life just as much as you. I’ve spent years learning about mental health, connection, and the human experience because I was so tired of letting the external world affect my inner world. having millions of people tell me who they think I am as I try and figure out who I really am..It sucks, and I cry, and I try to be better but it never matters. Even when I know the hate is simply a projection and it has nothing to do with still hurts. I try not to look, but things pop up when I’m least expecting it. I feel it. I feel it all and yes I would much rather feel everything than feel numb to the world, but with that comes a lot of pain. I ask you to please think before you say something negative about someone you don’t know. We are all doing the best we can. When I get called a whore, stupid, slut, only good for her looks- I feel it in my heart, just like any of you would. We’ve all been in the position of being put down, so we can all relate when I say that it sucks no matter how strong you are.

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Alexis is known for her steady stream of glamorous Instagram posts, but she’s also very honest about the trials and tribulations she’s faced so far in life. At one point, she opened up to Cosmopolitan about a very personal struggle she had to fight, which was an eating disorder.

“It was a vicious cycle where when I did eat, I just felt worse, so I didn’t want to eat, and ate less and less and less. I was scared of food…. Everyone around me was like, ‘Alexis, what are you doing?’ But I felt like my body was the only reason why people liked me.”

“I would catch things really easily because my immune system was so shocked from traveling, overworking myself, and not eating as much as I should have,” Ren added.

“I just got to the point where I was like, ‘OK, I’ve got to change because this is not working,'” said Alexis, referencing the turning point for her in her struggle with the disorder.