Kristen Stewart Felt A 'Responsibility' To Put A Label On Her Sexuality

In an interview with the Associated Press on Tuesday, Kristen Stewart talked candidly about the pressure to define her sexuality as her profile heightened post- Twilight fame, reports People.

"I felt this huge responsibility, like one that I was really genuinely worried about if I wasn't able to say one way or the other, then was I sort of like forsaking a side.

"The fact that you don't have to now is, like, so much more truthful."

The star joked about her sexuality during a 2017 episode of Saturday Night Live where she said during the monologue that she was "like, so gay."

Stewart, who in the past dated her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson, has been linked with Sara Dinkin and dated Victoria's Secret Angel Stella Maxwell.

The actress has grown to accept herself and approves of the young Hollywood stars who aren't letting themselves be categorized or labeled. Stewart explained that while the younger generation may be more apt to do and say as they like, the current culture tends to "complicate" things, adding that the topic of identity is so complex, people don't even have the words to describe it.

People reported about a September 2018 interview with Mastermind Magazine in which Stewart said she prefers ambiguity in sexuality. She noted its importance in film, saying that completely answering every question robs the audience of forming their own theories and having their own experiences.

She also told the publication that more movies should have coming of age stories in which women can discover their bodies the way men do. The J.T. Leroy star expressed being aware of the male perspective in cinema where men traditionally find their way into their bodies and do physical things, while the typical coming of age story featuring a young girl is lacking "the physical honesty of actual female experience and the way we discover our bodies. It's like we're scared of using certain words."

Stewart is currently writing a script for a film she said will handle those issues. She added that the dialogue would definitely be vulgar and she plans to be unashamedly frank about her characters being sexual people.

Dinkin and Stewart were seen appreciating the Coachella Music and Arts Festival last month, as well as each other, as they were observed kissing and holding hands during The 1975's performance.

The pair, who People reports were first romantically connected in December 2018, have often been spotted out together around town.

The two were seen walking around and getting juice in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, while in other excursions they were spotted hiking, walking their dogs, and holding hands out in public.