Emily Ratajkowski Shimmies In White Bikini Next To Easter Bunny In New Instagram Video

Emily Ratajkowski added a little heat to Easter Sunday when she posted a video of herself dancing seductively in a white bikini, corset and rabbit ears next to a life-sized Easter bunny. The leggy 27-year-old model acts coy, playfully teasing the bunny and sitting in his lap. Based on her caption, it looks like the video is meant to be a promotional clip for Inamorata Woman, her fashion brand. Inamorata encompasses both swimwear (Inamorata Swim) and lingerie (Inamorata Body) but each aspect of the company's products has Ratajkowski's signature focus on sensual femininity.

The model, who got her big break in a Robin Thicke music video, started selling swimsuits in 2017. She told Vogue.com that her background as a born and bred California girl inspired her to create the company.

"I grew up in San Diego and I basically wore a bathing suit every day on the beach," she said. "When I was 16, sometimes I would literally wake up, not put on any clothes, and I'd put on a bathing suit and get coffees and burritos for the day."

Ratajkowski added that the first collection was all about focusing on a woman's waist and incorporating vintage elements.

"My waist, and for women in general, that is the thing that you want to accentuate the most, and sometimes it can be really hard," she added. "In a one-piece, there is nothing that is cinching your waist, so it was important to have something that was flattering in that way."

But her efforts at entrepreneurship haven't been without controversy. A designer named Lisa Marie Fernandez accused Ratajkowski of copying two of her designs and sent her a cease and desist letter, The Business of Fashion (BOF) reports. BOF reports that Ratajkowski previously told Vogue that one of the styles that Fernandez claims she stole was inspired by a photo of model Stephanie Seymour from Sports Illustrated magazine. In that image, the bows are in the back while Ratajkowski and Fernandez feature them in the front.

In the United States, copyright laws offer limited assurances for fashion designers where their intellectual property is concerned. But the European Union is a bit more stringent and since Inamorata ships to the E.U, Fernandez filed for protection under the European Union Community Design Registration certificates she obtained in 2015.As we mentioned earlier, Ratajkowski has extended her brand to include lingerie/skimpy loungewear. She shot the lookbook for Inamorata Woman in a bodega dressed in nothing but underwear among the aisles of drinks and snacks. It's what her fans have come to expect from a woman who has made a career of showing off her enviable physique for the world to see.