Jen Selter Flaunts Insane Physique In Skintight Workout Attire

David BeckerGetty Images

Fitness model Jen Selter has been on a sexy streak as of late, and a post made by the model to Instagram on Wednesday is no different. Selter showed off her insane physique in a skintight workout outfit, one that was sure to turn heads as she hit the gym.

The hot-pink number featured both a sports bra and matching leggings that clung to her voluptuous frame perfectly. In the first snap of two that were shared, Selter playfully pulled at the waistband of her pants to show off her toned hips. Her chiseled midsection was front and center for the shot, and her ample cleavage was emphasized in the skimpy top.

In the second photo, the model turned to the side to show off her curvaceous backside. She tilted her foot ever so slightly to show off her muscular thighs and legs, and fans caught a glimpse of her bright white tennis shoes. The shoes complimented Selter’s sporty attire perfectly.

Selter shared that she’s back in New York City, working on a few projects — and her gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows which she used as a backdrop for her photoshoot revealed a stunning day in the city. Behind her, the city skyline and crisp water gave a peek into a day in the life of the model. Her adorable pooch made an appearance in one of her snaps, as well.

Yesterday, Selter visited the heart of the city to participate in one of her intense workouts. She shared the grueling routine to Instagram. As she posted up in front of another set of gorgeous floor-to-ceiling windows, she showed off how she uses a BOSU Ball to get her body bikini ready.

For the video, Selter wore a pair of gray and black workout leggings, leggings that emphasized her voluptuous booty as she moved about during her workout. She paired the look with a black sports bra, and every inch of her gorgeous body was on full display as she revealed her strength by completing the workout.

Unlike her peers in the modeling world, Selter opted to skip the desert festival Coachella — heading to the mountains of Austria instead. Dubbing the exciting trip “NoChella,” Selter hit the slopes and went for a bikini-clad dip in a heated pool surrounded by snow, sharing the gorgeous shots to Instagram.

In one of the photos, Selter showed off her amazing body in a baby-blue two-piece swimsuit that featured a strapless top and skimpy bottoms. With her most delicate assets barely covered, she braved the cold for a shot of herself in the sexy attire.