Former ‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Star Jessica Parido Has A Baby, But Won’t Name The Dad

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There’s a new Shahs of Sunset baby, but it’s not the child to Mercedes. Instead, it’s the newborn belonging to former star Jessica Parido, who had a son at the end of February.

PageSix says that the ex-wife to current Shahs star Mike Shouhed kept her pregnancy a secret, delivering on February 23. She says that she kept everything quiet to “enjoy the time without the opinions and comments of others.”

But now Parido is keeping a new secret, and that’s the identity of the baby’s father. During her five-month marriage to Shouhed, the two had discussed having a child, but Parido now says she was never sure that she could get pregnant after battling leukemia as a teen. She explains she “never thought she would have children” because of chemotherapy treatments.

“The level of shock and disbelief I had when I found out I was pregnant naturally was unimaginable. I had spent half of my life believing I would never feel these feelings.”

On her Instagram post, Parido added that while the vision she had of marriage — and then a family — is not what she was delivered, she has been gifted with a baby boy. She went on to say that she is happy, even though “God had other plans.”

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On February 23, 2019 My little miracle Boy was born. Since I was 15 years old I was told that the high doses of chemotherapy I got to fight my leukemia would cause me to be sterile. It was something I struggled with accepting for years. After 15 years and countless specialists I accepted the fact I would never have children of my own. God had other plans for me. The level of shock and disbelief I had when I found out I was pregnant naturally was unimaginable. I had spent half of my life believing I would never feel these feelings. To say this came without struggle would be a lie. The traditional family I’ve dreamed of my entire life is not something I have. The vision of love, marriage then baby I had wanted is gone. I decided to keep my pregnancy off of social media and enjoy the time without the opinions and comments of others. I contemplated never posting about it and carrying on but IM A MOM, I have a son, a beautiful little miracle who I’ll cherish the rest of my life and to not share this would be not sharing me ❤️

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Parido’s former husband, Mike Shouhed, is thrilled for the new mom, calling her pregnancy a “true miracle.”

As fans of the hit Bravo show know, Shouhed and Parido got married after a courtship which included her conversion to Judaism. Their marriage was short-lived, ending after accusations of cheating surfaced against Shouhed.

But despite their divorce, Shouhed had only the best wishes for his former wife.

“I’m so happy for you to get what you always wanted and feared you couldn’t and couldn’t, being a mom. I know in my heart and feel it in my soul that you will do an amazing job as a parent. May God continue to bless the both of you with endless health and happiness.”

The Inquisitr has previously reported that Parido has traveled a bumpy road with relationships, as the man she dated after her split with Shouhed ended up in legal peril. He was charged with the stalking and rape of his ex-wife. Karlen “Chris” Shubaralyan, 37, of Sherman Oaks, California, was arrested and charged with three felonies related to the alleged break-in and rape at the home of his former wife.

Parido is not providing additional details about her baby at this time, but all wish her well.