Model Alexina Graham Wears Only A Thong In New Instagram Pic

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Model Alexina Graham shared a new picture with Instagram fans earlier today. It showed her standing in front of floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a city skyline. She wore only a thong for the photo and posed with her back facing the camera. Alexina stood on her toes and grabbed onto the window with both of her arms, while her hair was done in a casual top bun. The image was in black-and-white, which added to the sense of drama.

Yesterday, Graham shared another Instagram photo of herself in black and white. This time, she was fully clothed in a dark outfit. It included a low-cut and long-sleeved shirt, along with fitted slacks and heels. Her hair looked glamorous, as she wore it down in a right part with large curls. The image was geo-tagged in New York.

Alexina also revealed in her Instagram Stories that she headed out for a fun “date night” with fellow Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. She shared a photo from their dinner, which revealed that they went out to eat at a Japanese restaurant. The model shared a video of the chef preparing ramen. Next, Graham and Palvin took a quick selfie video and shared it to the social media platform as well.

Graham has a lot to be excited right now, as she was announced as a new Victoria’s Secret Angel last month, detailed Glamour Magazine.

“Being a Victoria’s Secret’s Angel comes with a lot of empowerment. I think for me being a red head VS Angel means I get to put red heads out there more.”

The model elaborated on her comment about having red hair, saying that she got bullied at school like “most” redheads, given that they “just stand out.”

“I was this skinny little, geeky thing with no boobs but now I have embraced it as a woman. Having red hair is now a powerful part of my identity,” she continued.

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She even discussed how she got very discouraged in her modeling career, noting that even five to six years ago, she “was talking to [her] Mum saying, ‘I might leave modeling behind.'”

Luckily, Alexina decided to listen to her mom’s advice and keep pushing. And now that she’s an Angel, the model can look forward to building onto her career. After all, being a VS Angel helps raise models’ profiles immensely, and can help models snag more jobs and increase their fan base. Graham is off to a solid start with over 573,000 followers already.