‘Playboy’ Model Daniella Chavez Spills Out Of String Bikini On Instagram

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With 11.3 million Instagram followers, it’s safe to say that Daniella Chavez is popular. Alongside the three Playboy covers she has to her name, this U.S.-based blonde has been teasing her male fans for a while now. April 11, 2019 is proving just another such occasion.

Chavez’s April 11 post isn’t for the faint-hearted. With eye-popping cleavage spilling out of a black string bikini, it’s in-your-face, bold, and proving quite a hit. While no hand-held camera is visible, the picture appears to be a selfie. Daniella is shot from up-close, there’s no background distraction, and the plunging neckline seems to be the center of attention. The black bikini is accessorized only by metallic-effect aviator shades. Within four hours of being posted, the picture had racked up over 100,000 likes. The comments speak for themselves.

“Just too hot for my eyes”

One fan clearly can’t cope.

The April 11 post comes with a caption. Mostly using her Spanish mother-tongue, Chavez greets her fans before stating that Thursday is her “second” favorite day of the week. She then prompts her fans to list theirs. Few actually respond to the question. With compliments trumping days of the week, it would appear Chavez’s fanbase is distracted.

The April 11 post comes some months after The Inquisitr reported this model taking to Instagram in a sensational red bikini. With regular updates since the post’s January 2019 date though, fans have likely forgotten it. Chavez herself seems unforgettable, though. Her regular topless updates might have something to do with that.

On March 27, Daniella took to the platform in a pair of acid-washed jeans (and not much else). The topless selfie showed Chavez using one hand to cover her modesty. Reminiscent of posts made by the likes of Kim Kardashian, the March 27 update may not have racked up millions of likes, but it did well for itself – over 170,000 fans were digging the snap.

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As with many models though, it’s the videos that prove most popular. With curves she’s prepared to film, Chavez’s semi-regular videos prove infinitely more loved than her pictures. Her March 30 video currently sits at over 600,000 likes.

Fans wishing to connect with Chavez more personally may do so via her website – but it’ll cost them. The PayPal form below the option to have a video call with Daniella comes with a price list. Saying “thanks” costs $200. Saying “hi” costs $400. For $600, fans can “hug” Daniella. The ultimate prize costs $1,000. Apparently, it comes with “love.”

As of April 11 though, it seems that fans are sending Daniella love for free via her Instagram.