The Rock Is Basically Drowning In Tequila And Instagram Is Joining In

Jesse GrantGetty Images

The biggest muscles in showbiz have a serious penchant for tequila. Nobody quite understands how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson manages it. While 2017 saw The Rock’s 40,000 lbs mobile gym get a mention from Men’s Health, headlines in recent years have been more focused on this wrestler-turned-actor’s business ventures.

On April 1, The Rock took to Instagram for a decidedly agave-centric picture. Towering above a plethora of tequila bottles, the larger-than-life star steers clear of stereotypical celebrity Instagram promotions, but this photo doesn’t require a Ph.D. The Rock’s Mana Tequila brand made TMZ‘s headlines back in April 2018. All that’s left is the promotion.

The caption outlines a weekend spent “taste testing every batch” of his collection. As is customary from The Rock, the accompanying words err on the verbose side. He describes the “years” of planning. He then throws out the “passion” and “positivity” that have become synonymous with his personality. Given the comments, it seems that Instagram is more than ready to join in.

“if you need any help with that next time, just give me a call”

One fan appeared a touch sad not to have joined the original party, but they offered to contribute should future circumstances require it.

“I’m available for taste testing tequila”

Enthusiastic comments poured in fast. One fan even offered “a second opinion” should The Rock need one. While the majority of The Rock’s “fitspo” posts show this muscle machine pumping iron, a fair chunk of that Instagram feed is dedicated to, well, feeding.

Then “soosh train” that The Rock frequently “rides” is an endearing reference to his love of sushi. The high-protein dish seems a favorite for this guy’s daily protein quota, although fans are likely aware that “cheat” foods also feature regularly. Cookies, pizzas, and pancakes are staples for The Rock’s late-night snacks. They don’t come without tequila, though.

“Test tasting a new batch of my tequila straight from our barrels in Mexico. My new brand of tequilas is a true passion venture for me that’s been years in the making. We’re almost there. Can’t wait to share it with you. This one’s for you, world… let’s have a drink.”

On March 8, an Instagram photo of a glass of tequila came captioned with a clear pointer towards “Mana Tequila.” The “Mana,” as the above-mentioned TMZ source states, is likely a homage to The Rock’s Polynesian roots. The spiritual term is unique to the Polynesian culture– one that this California-based actor embraces with gusto.

For now though, chin-chin.