Michael Jackson’s Dad Forced Him To Dance Barefoot On A Hot Stove To Improve His Moves, Claims Producer

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In life, Michael Jackson was famous for his unique dancing ability, but such talent came at a high cost, claims one of the late singer’s old colleagues.

The Sun reports that Jackson’s former video producer Rudi Dolezal claims that Joe Jackson once boasted proudly in his presence how he abused his son as a child to make him a better dancer.

Dolezal explained that Joe confessed how he put his barefooted four-year-old on a hot stovetop to make him move faster. The video producer also revealed that the way Joe told it, he didn’t feel an ounce of regret for what he put his son through.

Dolezal, who first met Jackson while filming in Munich in 1992 for the “Dangerous” tour, said that Joe Jackson’s callous attitude towards his son made him feel really sorry for Michael. He also claims the singer was so obsessed with plastic surgery because he absolutely hated his father and couldn’t stand to have any physical resemblance to him.

Dolezal claims that while filming the “Dangerous” tour, there would often be lengthy delays because Jackson’s nose, which had been subjected to excessive plastic surgery, would collapse because so much cartilage had been removed.

He recalls asking Jackson’s handlers about why filming was canceled on certain days and was told, “On those days, he doesn’t have a nose.”

“He needed a plastic nose that took hours to put on with putty and makeup.”

The Jackson family have in the past openly discussed the abuse they suffered at the hands of their father who died last year, aged 89. Joe Jackson was a failed blues singer who reportedly insisted his children call him “Joseph,” as opposed to “dad.”

LaToya Jackson claimed that when they were children, her father would use “belts, whips, whatever” to assault them. She also claims she was sexually abused by her father.

LaToya also claimed that during the earth-shattering success of his Off The Wall and Thriller period, Michael was still getting beat by their father.

Michael Jackson singing on stage.
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“Michael was doing…Off The Wall, Thriller and he was still getting beat. But what you guys see is him up on the awards, accepting these awards, and smiling – but my father is chasing him around the house and he’s running from him terrified, ” revealed LaToya.

Despite his close relationship with Michael Jackson, Dolezal believes the explosive documentary Leaving Neverland, which claims Jackson was a serial pedophile, is a brilliant work which paints a true and accurate picture of the late singer which most of his fan base were not familiar with.

“I believe almost every word. It’s brilliant work,” Dolezal said. “If the Michael Jackson legend is destroyed by this, the person responsible is Michael Jackson — no one else.”