Beth Chapman Shares Epic ‘Girl Power’ Photo Looking Every Much The Bounty Hunter Amid Cancer Battle

Fernando LeonGetty Images

Beth Chapman has been standing by her husband’s side for many years as the pair fight to bring people to justice. But recently she has been fighting the biggest battle of her life: cancer.

Beth was first diagnosed with throat cancer in September 2017 after visiting the doctor because she was struggling to breathe. Within days of the diagnosis, Beth was undergoing surgery to remove the tumor constricting her airway. After that, she underwent a few radiation treatments and was declared cancer-free.

Unfortunately, late in 2018, Beth and her husband, Duane “Dog” Chapman, were given the awful news that her cancer had returned. This time around, doctors told her it is incurable.

Fortunately, Beth doesn’t believe in giving up a fight and has been battling against the disease as she carries on with her life as normal. Despite the diagnosis, Beth has been bounty hunting with Dog in the pair’s new show, Dog’s Most Wanted.

On Thursday night, she took to her Instagram account to share an awesome new photo of herself, looking every bit the part of a bounty hunter in her black clothing and a nondescript hat from under which her platinum blonde curls peeked out. She added a touch of girl power with long, baby pink nails covered in diamante appliques.

The caption of the image showed just how Beth is feeling, probably both in her job and in her personal life as she continues to fight her cancer battle.

She detailed all the synonyms of the word tenacity, adding at the end “the quality or fact of continuing to exist,” which, let’s face it, describes exactly the way she is currently living her life with the disease. Beth also added a very apt hashtag to the end: “#girlpower.”

As The Inquisitr reported last week, on their first episode of the new show, Beth and Dog apprehended a man who was wanted on child sex charges, including sexual battery and rape of a minor. Jinel Sexton first had an arrest warrant out on him in September last year following his disappearance after posting a $200,000 bond.

The new show follows the cancellation of Dog The Bounty Hunter, with Dog explaining exactly why the pair had decided to continue despite Beth’s cancer battle.

“Crime in America is skyrocketing! Criminals are finding it easier to avoid the system. With more and more dangerous criminals running the streets the time couldn’t be better for the World’s Greatest Network to bring back the World’s Greatest Bounty Hunter. Fugitives beware!”