Bethenny Frankel Has Some Strong Feelings About The Keto Diet And Intermittent Fasting

Craig BarrittGetty Images

Bethenny Frankel has had enough of the latest diet trends. On her Instagram live feed, the Real Housewives of New York star went on a rant about keto diets, activated charcoal, and intermittent fasting.

“As you can see, I’m in a ranting mood today,” she opened her video. “I want to understand what you’re doing right now, because someone just said: You have to be doing celery juice every day, it’ll change your life. Another person: Keto. Paleo. Low-Carb. Detox. Master Cleanse. Juicing. Fasting.

“What’s that other thing? Intermittent fasting? Has everyone gone f**king crazy? What are you doing? They’re doing colonics, people are doing — oh! Activated charcoal. Remember when chia and acai were the rage? What else is there now?” she continued.

The Skinny Girl mogul and former chef has long advocated for a sensible way of eating. In her book Naturally Thin, she advocates for balancing your meals between starches, proteins, and veggies. If you splurge on a sweet treat, she says you should cut back on the next meal and eat something small like a salad. She even supports indulging in the things you love but just making sure that you only do it in a small amount. In other words, nothing is off limits, but you should watch your portions.

It’s no wonder that the 48-year-old is baffled by the current diet trends, which seek to limit entire food groups or eating for days at a time.

Frankel has been open about her dieting in the past, but now the reality star is facing health issues that are forcing her to be even more cautious about the way she eats.

A few months ago, she accidentally ate some fish, which she is allergic to, and went into anaphylactic shock, which caused her to have lingering vision and memory problems.

More recently, she told People that she was diagnosed with a wheat allergy and leaky gut syndrome.

While leaky gut isn’t technically a diagnosis in itself, it could be a precursor to irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, or celiac disease.

Frankel reached out to her followers on social media to find out what she needed to know about the common digestive disorder.

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get sexier, I was diagnosed today with “leaky gut syndrome” and a wheat allergy. Could there be a more vile title? That I wouldn’t have put on my dating profile. Ok tweeps, hit me with the info,” she tweeted.