Keith Schwinaman Reportedly Questioned By Cops In Regard To JonBenet Ramsey

Barry WilliamsGetty Images

Authorities may be edging closer to making an arrest in the murder case of JonBenet Ramsey. The young girl was killed in her own home in 1996 and despite many stops and starts, to this day nobody has been held responsible for the brutal death. However, a new report signals that a man who has been mentioned previously as a potential suspect may ultimately be arrested.

Radar Online shares that Colorado inmate Keith Schwinaman has allegedly written in a letter that he expects to be charged with the young girl’s murder. The media outlet shares that in this note they have exclusively obtained, the convict says detectives have interviewed him and told him he will likely face charges in JonBenet’s murder.

As The Inquisitr previously shared, authorities have been looking into the possibility that Schwinaman was responsible for Ramsey’s murder for some time now. He was reportedly part of a pedophile ring and has already been convicted for sexual assault crimes that took place between 1993 and 1996.

In addition to Schwinaman’s history of sexual assault, his ex-wife told authorities that she couldn’t provide her then-partner with an alibi the night that JonBenet was killed. Not only that, but she apparently mentioned a gold cross necklace that he had given her as a gift that disappeared, and a necklace seemingly matching it was found on Ramsey’s body.

The letter reportedly written by Schwinaman also details that he is anxious to prevent the authorities from finally solving this case.

“One of my choices is to not give either the FBI or B.P.D. the satisfaction of having ‘solved this case after so many years.’ I will have the satisfaction of doing it myself. While denying them the fame and satisfaction they appear to crave.”

So far, Radar Online hasn’t revealed further details about this scathing letter that seems to show Schwinaman essentially taking responsibility for killing Ramsey. Previously, authorities have done DNA testing and have not been able to physically connect Keith to the crime scene where JonBenet was found. However, authorities have indicated that some of his previous crimes are quite similar to what was found to have happened to the young beauty queen.

Keith Schwinaman has been on the radar of authorities for some time now, and many following the JonBenet Ramsey case may find it interesting that investigators have seemingly talked with him relatively recently. Could answers about what happened to the young girl in 1996 finally emerge at some time in the coming months? There have been numerous theories about the killer for years, and people will be anxious to see if this time the authorities are on the right track.