Alexis Ren Does Yoga In Sports Bra & Shares Video To Instagram

Joshua BlanchardGetty Images

Alexis Ren hasn’t been posting as much as usual on her Instagram, but she’s still keeping her fans updated via her stories. Her new stories include sneak peeks of her getting her skin treatment before the Oscars, along with snippets of her yoga workout. Also, she shared an outtake video of her newest post promoting Suspicious Antwerp’s clothing. The post showed Alexis facing her back to the camera wearing light jeans while wearing a sweater that was rising up her midriff. She had her hair in a messy ponytail along with large, circular glasses.

The video of Ren doing yoga showed her wearing a black-and-white sports bra along with a pair of black sweats. She pulled her hair back into a ponytail, and videotaped herself from the side. Alexis can be seen moving through different yoga poses, including the downward dog. She’s clearly very flexible, which isn’t a huge surprise considering she has a dance background. And of course, her fans rooted for her throughout her recent run on Dancing With the Stars, where she did fairly well with partner Alan Bersten.

Speaking of which, there has been hardly any mention of Alan since the two were deemed to have broken up after they were voted off the show. Alan shared a year-in-review Instagram post, however, that featured several photos of him and Alexis.

Previously, Ren discussed the way she perceives her fans with The Cut.


“If I can make a girl’s day by hugging her, h*ll yeah, I’ll hug the crap out of her. I will kiss her on the cheek. I will love her. I will take as many photos as she wants. That’s how I’ll always be. I don’t see how that could ever … obviously, I can see how when you get bigger it can get stressful, but at the same time you still have to think, That’s crazy that this many people look up to me. Oh my God. And I only want to give back.”

Clearly, the social media star is very appreciative of her fans. She’s cultivated a huge following of over 13.1 million followers on Instagram by gaining fans throughout the years. Throughout it all, she always seemed to be very honest with her fanbase. Perhaps that explains why so many people are huge supporters, because they feel a connection with Ren. And while she doesn’t have as many Twitter followers, she also posts on the platform.