Andy Cohen Dad-Shamed For Letting Dog Sniff His Baby’s Face

Jamie McCarthyGetty Images for Residence Inn

Television personality Andy Cohen has been a dad for less than a month, but critics are already jumping all over him for every little thing he does with 2-week-old baby Benjamin.

After being criticized last week for flying with Benjamin, this week it’s the fact that Cohen allowed his dog, Wacha, to sniff Benjamin’s face in a new Instagram photo, according to Us Weekly.

In the sweet image, Benjamin could be seen lying on his back in a blue short-sleeved onesie with bears and a rainbow across the front. Wacha could be seen standing up against the sofa where the infant is lying, and gently sniffing at the little one’s face. In the caption, Cohen indicated that the pair appear to be getting along swimmingly, despite having just met two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, in between all the gushing, adoring messages about how cute the pair looked together, there were plenty that also heaped criticism on the new dad for allowing the pooch to get so close to Benjamin.

“Please please please be careful, Andy,” one person wrote. “As much as we love our dogs, they are still animals and can be unpredictable. Don’t [let] the dog that close to the baby’s face like that. Please.”

“Dogs shouldn’t be around newborns period,” another added.

Others were more concerned about the germ factor than that Wacha might become aggressive and harm Benjamin.

Cohen hasn’t responded to the latest round of criticisms yet, but he did comment over the weekend about the criticism he had to face after a previous photo he shared of Wacha with Benjamin.

“Hey, I’ve been a dad for 12 days,” he said on Saturday, February 16, after being “flooded with DMs” about the dangers of Wacha being jealous of the baby boy and the sudden lack of attention as a result. “People are judge-y as f**k.”

The comment came in response to the backlash Cohen faced after sharing an Instagram story about how Wacha had destroyed a toy that was intended for Benjamin.

“Wacha didn’t know that the Torah toy belonged to the baby. He just had his eye on a purple f**king toy and he wanted to rip it apart.”

Understandably, Cohen wants Benjamin and Wacha to get acquainted as soon as possible so that the pair can be best buds. He did wait to introduce them to one another for the first week of Benjamin’s little life. The TV personality first wanted to make sure the baby was acclimated to his new home before taking that step.