‘Playboy’ Bombshell Rachel Cook Flaunts Major Curves In Stringy Bikini & Booty-Hugging Cutoff Shorts

Rochelle BrodinGetty Images

Playboy playmate Rachel Cook has been traveling the world around, and luckily for fans of the gorgeous model, she’s been sharing several shots of her adventures to Instagram. In a recent snap by Cook taken while vacationing in Nassau, Bahamas, she wowed her followers with a glimpse at her curvaceous physique while rocking a skintight, stringy bikini and a pair of booty-hugging, cutoff shorts.

The top, which Cook revealed came from Los Angeles luxury swimwear designer Same, showed off her ample cleavage and firm abs. The tiny, pink-and-black number clung to her chest and showed off her toned arms with the thin, bikini-style straps. The glamour model rocked a pair of cutoff, denim shorts, and undid the top button to show off a little more skin.

For the laid-back pic, she wore her chestnut-colored hair in tiny braids clipped close to her head, and the rest in beach babe waves that sat on her shoulders. Keeping the makeup light, she wore a subtle hint of pink lipstick which was visible as she gave the camera a flirty pout. She kept the accessories simple, wearing just a few rubber armbands and a simple necklace. She topped the look off with a backpack — perfect for traveling.

The Maxim model also shared a few enviable snaps to her Instagram story, cataloging her Bahamian trip. In one shot, Cook stood ankle-deep in a crystal blue ocean, wearing a tube-top style bikini and matching bottoms in a burnt orange. Rocking the same stunning garb, she showed off a beachside deck that she had a blast sunning herself on, taking a quick clip of herself soaking up some vitamin D.

Aside from sharing her life with fans on Instagram, Cook frequently updates her YouTube channel by giving lengthy chats about her life, travels, and modeling work. In a recent video she shared, the model wanted to try out the popular, viral art of Mukbang, where one videotapes themselves eating while talking about their life.

In the clip, Cook updated her admirers on the happenings of her and her mom, who both recently sold all of their possessions — including their home — to convert an old bus into an RV so they could travel together and attend Cook’s frequent modeling and social media jobs. While munching on french fries, and some apparently epic ranch dip that she gushed over, the Esquire model spilled the beans on her love life.

“I have a boyfriend now, so that kind of changes things. Like, obviously I want to be living with my mom and traveling around with her, but I also really want to be with him so yea, things changed,” the model shared. She also said — in between bites of chicken tenders — that they’ve decided to live together, work together, and that they want to take advantage of the time they have together.

Whatever Cook will get herself into next, fans will surely be waiting, and watching, for the next hilarious and sexy update.