Gigi Hadid Exposes Midriff As She Takes Off Sweater In Throwback Instagram Pic

Gigi Hadid shared several throwback photos from W Magazine in 2015 on Instagram, and she looked great in all of them. The first photo she shared showed her exposing her midriff as she went to take off her fuzzy orange sweater. She faced sideways towards the camera, as she turned over her right shoulder and looked straight ahead. The photo had a sun-drenched quality so her face was a bit fuzzy, but overall it had a dreamy feeling. Fans let her know, "Gorgeous!!!", "omg always loved this!" and "Beautiful shot!"

In addition, Hadid posted a couple more photos from the same shoot, one where she sat on the ground and hugged her knees. She looked pretty innocent as she smiled faintly and held few daisies in her left hand. The final post showed Gigi laying on the ground in a ruffled tank top as she played with string in her hands. Her hair was splayed around her on the ground.

These were the first posts Gigi had shared since January 16, when she sent a shoutout to her friend, Alana O'Herlihy for her 24th birthday. The model shared throwback photos of herself and her friend, which included one of them at a protest holding up a sign together that read, "Resist."

The model is one of the most sought-after in the industry and previously discussed with Vogue about the realities of being a model.
"A lot of my stress came from coming on and off a plane, and I didn't want to be doing that on my time off... I had realised how much time I had spent in the air and it represented a lot of the lack of control that you feel in a job where you travel all the time."
In the summer 2018 interview, Hadid reflected, "I've learned a lot in the last year, just figuring out what my priorities are and learning how to manage my time to prioritise the things and people that are important to me, because I'm hard on myself with those things."She then went on to describe how learning to say no was an important part of this. Considering that there are likely tons of opportunities that present themselves for Gigi, hopefully, this practice will help her feel more grounded and in control of her career. Not to mention that she's still fairly young at just 23-years-old, so pacing herself now is probably a very good thing.