Nina Dobrev Shares Collage Of Her Best Instagram Photos Of 2018

Rich PolkGetty Images

As 2018 came to a close, many Instagram users, including a few popular celebrities, took the time to reflect and share their top photos of the year with their followers. However, it looks like Nina Dobrev was a little late to the party, and the actress has just posted her top nine snaps of 2018.

In order to post their best or most-liked photos on Instagram, users must use a third-party app or website to create their top nine collage. There are currently many options available, but one of the more popular services is the Top Nine mobile app, according to a report from BGR. After entering their username, the service will review the account, find the top photos, and email the results in the form of a collage. Users can then take the collage and upload it to their Instagram account, much like Dobrev did.

Based on Dobrev’s post, it seems the actress spent quite a bit of time with former Vampire Diaries co-star, Paul Wesley, as the hunky man was featured several times in Dobrev’s collection. The actress blamed Wesley’s multiple appearances on being hacked by the actor.

“I’ve been hacked. By Paul Wesley,” she captioned the post.

The colorful collage also featured a snap of Dobrev posing with a shirtless Vin Diesel, a photo taken during a Louis Vuitton campaign photo shoot, and a photo of a Dobrev standing in a bookstore while holding a couple of Vampire Diaries books.

Dobrev made headlines earlier this week when the actress opened up about still being friends with her ex-boyfriend Ian Somerhalder, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. The actress also recently celebrated her 30th birthday, and posted a stream of tropical “dirty thirty” photos to her Instagram profile, as the Inquisitr also reported.

For those looking to keep up with the star’s acting career, fans can catch Dobrev on the new CBS comedy series, Fam. The show follows a young couple played by Dobrev and comedian Tone Bell. In the first episode, the two get engaged, and Dobrev’s character is determined to impress her sophisticated soon-to-be in-laws. However, her plan to impress becomes slightly more complicated when her messy 16-year-old half-sister comes to live with her, in an attempt to escape their hot mess of a father, who later ends up scamming her future father-in-law out of money.

Fam currently airs on Thursdays nights on CBS at 9:30 p.m.