Sommer Ray Flaunts Famous Backside & Announces New Workout Program On Instagram

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Sommer Ray isn’t like every other Instagram model out there. Her background is in bodybuilding, thanks to the influence of her bodybuilder parents. While Sommer decided to leave the competitive world of bodybuilding and branch into social media instead, she still has in-depth knowledge of fitness. In particular, she’s become well-known for her derriere, which she flaunts in her newest post.

The video promotes her “booty challenge” in the captions, as the post shows Sommer working out in the gym doing various exercises including weightlifting and running on the treadmill. She sports several workout outfits from her athleisure clothing line throughout the clip. At the end, fans are encouraged to download Ray’s fitness app, evolve. Anyone who wants to get in on the fun should sign up by January 28 by midnight. Just like Sommer’s clothing line, it looks like this workout regimen is a limited-run only.

Fans left tons of positive comments for Ray, saying “proud of you on the new merch,” “perfect,” and “YASSS SO IN FOR THE CHALLENGE.” The merch that the fan alluded to was also recently promoted by the model, who posed in a matching sports bra and shorts outfit with thick bands that read “1996,” presumably her birth year. Sommer’s clothing is only available for a limited time, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for good. Her previous drops seemed to have done well, with many of the popular sizes selling out fairly quickly.

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guuuuys I’m so happy/excited to announce my booty challenge is finally done!! & ready for you guys! i’ve put a lot of time into making the best possible program for you guys to get those boooty gains ???? sooooo the challenge starts on Monday January 28th✨ • if you don’t sign up by the 28th at midnight; you’ ll miss out on all the fun so make sure you make the deadline! • there are two versions of the challenge, there is a home version which requires minimal equipment & there is a gym version • the challenge is 8 weeks long • workouts are on average are no longer than 30 minutes • the challenge/workouts get tougher over time • it’s a 1 week free trial LETSSS GO ????????????✨ link in bio wearing - @shopsommerray

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Previously, Sommer opened up to Cosmopolitan about her workout routines that help shape her body. Clearly there’s a science to it, and no doubt there’s a lot of sweat and work that goes into maintaining such a rigorous workout.

“Ray begins her butt workouts by foam-rolling her legs, butt, and back, then hits the stair stepper, alternating between one minute of regular climbing and one minute of skipping steps for six minutes before stretching.”

And that’s just to start.

“When she’s ready to get down to business, Ray relies on equipment such as the Smith machine, which holds a barbell on a track during squats; abductor and adductor machines, which engage the inner and outer thighs and butt; the cable machine, which she uses for kickbacks; ankle weights for donkey kicks; and the leg press machine,” the magazine explains.

Luckily, fans that want in on the “booty challenge” can choose between a home version and a gym version, with the home version requiring “minimal” equipment.