Actress Sarah Jayne Dunn Poses In Undies For Fun Instagram Pic

British soap opera star Sarah Jayne Dunn shocked her Instagram fans and followers when she shared a photo of herself in her bedroom while wearing a skimpy pair of underwear and a cropped sweater.

Her blonde, wavy hair hung down to frame her face -- and her messy bed could be spied in the background. Dunn stars in Hollyoaks, a long-running show set in the fictitious suburb of Chester after which the soap opera is named. Dunn plays Mandy Richardson on the show, and decided to use her celebrity status to tout a good cause.

Dunn isn't a stranger to posting scantily clad swimsuit and bikini shots on Instagram, but this is different. She stripped down to her panties to promote a women's health charity campaign called The Lady Garden.

This national campaign in the United Kingdom offers fun knickers embroidered with the alternative names for women's reproductive organs. Dunn sports a pair that says "foofoo."

"What do you call yours?" Dunn hash-tagged her post.

A mom of one, Dunn explained the mission of The Lady Garden campaign on her post -- in the hopes of educating women that they need to make sure they're taking care of themselves from top to bottom.

"The Lady Garden campaign is a national women's health charity which aims to raise awareness and funds for research into, and treatment of, gynecological cancers," she wrote. "Lady Garden and Stripe + Stare have collaborated this season to raise money and awareness for the five types of gynecological cancers. Go to to purchase your Lady Garden knickers! All proceeds go to the charity."

Several of her fans admitted in the comments section that they, too, use the phrase "foo foo" for their private parts. Others applauded how she was taking a stance for a good cause, and complimented her.

"Looking amazing," @samcthomas98 posted.

Dunn encouraged women to understand the symptoms, to listen to their bodies, and to know themselves.

"Only you know when something isn't right. Don't be embarrassed to go to the doctor – no symptom is too small. Get checked," she wrote.

Dunn had no problem sharing such a risqué photo of herself. She's proud of the hard work she's put into losing three dress sizes before she married Jonathan Smith.

She revealed to the Daily Mail that she'd dropped three dress sizes ahead of her spring wedding to Jonathan Smith last May. She also wanted to look terrific for her big return to Hollyoaks -- after taking a 10-year hiatus from the show.

The picturesque actress is 5 feet 7 inches tall and now wears a size six dress. Her and her husband welcomed baby Stanley two years ago, in August of 2016. The actress has publicly indicated that she's looking forward to expanding their family.