Sommer Ray Tugs At Her Bikini Bottoms On Instagram

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Model Sommer Ray is saying hello to her fans from Bali, Indonesia, with a new bikini photo. She wore a white swimsuit which appeared to have silver sequins sewn on, with a simply-cut top and high-cut bottoms. The model stood with her back to the ocean, with a sunset visible in the backdrop over the water. She wore her hair down in very long, blond curls, as she tugged at her bikini bottoms with both of her hands. She captioned the Instagram post, “the sunsets here are wild.”

Fans responded, “Wow…. Lovely,” “Sommer you look guud!!!,” and “Lovely.”

Plus, Ray shared a dramatic video of herself running into the ocean in slow motion, which was shot from high up in the air by a drone. It appeared to have been taken around the same time the bikini photo was, since the sunset looks about the same. The video then cuts to her walking slowly away from the ocean, and the post was captioned, “Me vs all my responsibilities.” She also noted, “(for all those saying my last post was a green screen)”. And it’s true that some of Sommer’s fans spent time arguing over whether or not the photo was real or not, with some insisting that she was posing in front of a green screen.

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the sunsets here are wild

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And like many Instagram stars, Sommer has to deal with the discrepancy between what her life looks like to outsiders versus the reality of everyday life. She mentioned previously to Life & Style Magazine about some of those difficulties.

“People come up to me like ‘oh I want to be you,’ but a lot of days I don’t even want to be me. I’m probably the hardest on myself, people only see my highlight reel, but I’m a normal human, some days I feel bloated and fat and gross.”

Plus, it’s important for Ray for younger girls to “see I’m an actual human.” And referring to her second Instagram page that she uses to be more real with fans, Sommer had the following to say.

“I think more girls need to do stuff like that because when I first started at like 17, 18, and moved out to Cali I thought all of these girls were going to be picture perfect and I’d be nothing compared to them. Then I realized wow, you’re just a normal person. When little girls see stuff like that there will be less of thm [sic] hating themselves. We all have flaws. Our whole role in life after being given this power is to motivate and inspire so thats [sic] what I want to do.”

The second page, dubbed @Sommerray2, is definitely much more silly. Sommer shares photos of herself in funny poses, videos of her lip syncing, and more.

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Hahhhahahaha 2019 mood

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