Kendall Jenner Reportedly Has A Doppelganger That Is Her ‘Spitting Image’

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There have been multiple articles written about people gracing planet earth that are lucky enough to look like Kendall Jenner. After all, the 23-year-old is a gorgeous, jet-setting supermodel, and the world is her oyster. What’s more, there are many people who don’t mind being told they look like her. Take the Elite article, “11 Regular People Who Look So Much Like Kendall Jenner It’s Insane,” for instance.

A lot of the Instagram image links in the Elite article appear to broken — but with what remains — perhaps the headline should be renamed “6 Pretty Girls That Were Convinced They Look Like Kendall Jenner.” Except for number 6, of course, who has a passing resemblance and similar frame to the KUWTK star. A little contouring and deftly applied Facetune, and a Kendall Jenner clone we could have with that one.

On the other hand, there’s the YouTube video, “Kendall Jenner is spitting image of Emily Ratajkowski in Instagram pic” to consider. Interestingly enough, there is a strong resemblance between the two in the video, but compare the two lovely ladies next to each other when they were photographed at Day 1 of the REVOLVE festival.

We’ll let you be the judge, but it seems like the likenesses between the two raven-haired beauties in the photo has dissipated a little.

Emily Ratajkowski (L) and Kendall Jenner at day 1 of #REVOLVEfestival
Featured image credit: Roger KisbyGetty Images for REVOLVE

Judging from the photo, the two could probably pass for being related. However, the disparity in resemblance between the runway queens disqualifies them as “spitting images” of each other in real life.

You can see the resemblance between Emrata and Kendall again here. But — be honest — if there were no captions, would you be able to distinguish which one it was?

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Now, check out this doppelganger lookalike of Meghan Fox.

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Now — for the India Times‘ claim that Filipino pageant star, Karen Gallman, looks a lot like Kendall Jenner. Gallman, who resides in Australia, is a celebrity in her own right. She was crowned Miss Intercontinental Philippines in 2018, and she is also a National Peace Ambassador. Some would say the Instagram pic below of the sizzling Aussie looks quite a bit like Kendall Jenner in the Instagram pic that follows it.

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The India Times reported that followers are often surprised at the resemblance between the lovely Aussie and the TV personality. Karen Gallman spoke out on her fan’s perceived resemblance to the Victoria Secret model saying, “Oh my God, I get that a lot.” The India Times also said that many followers also say that she looks like Vanessa Hudgens and Mila Kunis, and that’s quite a flattering compliment.

However, after close inspection of Karen Gallman’s other Instagram pics, fans might draw a conclusion that she partially resembles another member of the Kar/Jenner clan.

Let’s be real — the two stunners have voluptuous curves and a thing for crowns.

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So, this:

Plus this:

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Equals this — A Kylie/Kendall Jenner hybrid. And, as evidenced by the sister’s combined 200 million plus Instagram followers that is most likely not a bad thing.

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