January 1, 2019
'The Young And The Restless' Recap For Tuesday: Victor's Arrested For JT's Murder!

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, January 1 brings a whole new year to Genoa City, and things start with quite a bang. Victoria shocks Cane with a kiss while Christine charges Victor with murder against her better judgment.

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) told Billy (Jason Thompson) about Reed's (Tristan Lake Leabu) confession. Then, she went to the Genoa City Police Department where Christine (Lauralee Bell) refused to tell her what was going on. Later, Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) emerged from questioning Nate (Brooks Darnell) and informed Victoria that Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) is receiving medical care. Victoria showed up at the hospital, but they would not let her see Nikki because they put her under protective custody. Victoria yelled into her mother's room that Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Victor (Eric Braeden) were at the station.

At Devon's (Bryton James), Cane (Daniel Goddard) woke up after he passed out before midnight on New Year's Eve. Cane just wanted to forget about everything for one night. Devon told him Lily (Christel Khalil) would always be in his life, but Cane said she's like a completely different person.

Meanwhile, after questioning Nate, Rey decided that Nate should see Nikki to check on her. Christine watched as Nate checked on Nikki's health. Then, Nate told Nikki that he faced kidnapping charges for taking her, and Nikki told Christine that was ridiculous because she went of her own free will. Christine did not believe that Nikki came up with the plan, so Nikki threatened to go before a judge and then sue for wrongful prosecution. Christine decided not to press charges against Nate.

Meanwhile, at the station, Nick refused to cooperate with Rey. Nick won't help Rey bring down Victor. Later, Rey and Christine realized that had no cause to charge Victor with kidnapping. However, Rey insisted that they arrest Victor for murdering J.T. despite not having enough evidence, and eventually Christine agreed to do it. Rey sent Nick home, and then he and Christine informed Victor he was under arrest.

Meanwhile, Victoria went back home to Billy and updated him on everything. He felt that Nick and Victor could deal with it themselves, but Victoria worried about Reed and his confession. Billy hated that Victoria wanted to cover up for Reed after what he went through with Delia. Victoria insisted this was different, though, and Reed's life as he knew it could come to an end.

Victoria went over to Cane's to confront him about Charlie's (Noah Alexander Gerry) drinking and Reed taking the wheel and ultimately hitting Nikki. Cane had no clue about any of it, and at first, Victoria didn't believe him. They traded vicious insults, and then suddenly, Victoria and Cane kissed. Whoops. Inquisitr spoilers show that the brief kiss will be tough for them to overcome.