Fitness Fanatic And Mom Of 2 Jesse Bowen Shows Off Her Impressive Six-Pack Abs In Tiny Pink Bikini

The Air Force veteran stuns her Instagram followers with the latest and hottest pic.

Jesse Bowen
Jesse Bowen / Instagram / jb_figure

The Air Force veteran stuns her Instagram followers with the latest and hottest pic.

While serving as an intelligence analyst for the Air Force, Jesse Bowen had to be in terrific shape. Her husband Jordon was a pararescue specialist and fitness was critical to his job, too.

Jesse spent a ton of time working out on the elliptical, then Jordon encouraged her to start lifting weights with him at the gym. Shortly after welcoming son Slade into the family, the couple left the military and opened their first fitness center, Militia Fitness. Slade and his little sister Brodie have literally grown up in the gym watching mom and dad hard at work taking care of their health.

That dedication to fitness has evidently paid off for Jesse. Today she is a figure competitor while Jordon is a Strongman competitor. She recently was sent an athletic cut bikini from Rewired Swim that she showed off on Instagram.

The light pink, subtle color almost faded into her tanned and toned physique. Her six-pack clearly stands out in the photo with her muscles outlined and a big smile spreading across her face. Jesse and Jordan constantly work out with their kids and are teaching them how important fitness is for the everyday person and not just bodybuilders like them, they told NWF Daily News.

“We are very family friendly. I think as the kids sit there and watch their parents, it inspires them to want to work out. We have members who tell us their 1-year-olds do burpees at home,” the couple said. “The community is for edifying and it’s fun to workout with other people. Never quit is about staying consistent and having fun is about enjoying what you’re doing; it should be difficult but enjoyable.”

Jesse’s followers have repeatedly asked her how on earth she looks so fantastic while being a mom to two kids. It obviously helps that her job revolves around fitness, but she also has shared a few secrets, too.

“I follow a macro-based meal plan that is high in protein, carbs and low in fat. I’m also 100 percent gluten free,” Jesse disclosed on Instagram.

She has been featured in fitness videos shared on social media and YouTube courtesy of RedCon1, a line of supplements. Perusing through her Instagram page, fans and followers will find more workout videos and some terrific photos highlighting just how fit this amazing mom is. Her biceps bulge, her thighs are powerful, and she’s incredible to watch in motion. Check her out if you’re needing some fitness inspiration!