Curvaceous ‘Queen Of Instagram’ Abigail Ratchford Adds To ‘Hand Bra’ Legend In Brazen New, Nearly Nude Post

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Playboy Magazine has labeled her the “Queen of Instagram,” and with her 8.6 million followers, 26-year-old Instagram model Abigail Ratchford certainly has a solid claim on the title — a title that she continually defends with what often seems like an escalating level of daring and brazen eroticism in her posts on the social media platform, which has become a launching pad for a new generation of models.

Few Instagram models better embody the way Instagram has changed the modeling industry better than the Scranton, Pennsylvania, native Ratchford. According to an analysis by Vix there are several major differences between a successful Instagram model such as Ratchford, and a mainstream “high fashion” model.

The most noticeable difference, the site says, is that Instagram models tend to be “thicker and more ‘voluptuous,'” that is, with more pronounced bustlines and buttocks than fashion models, who are almost exclusively “thinner, with lower body weights and BMIs.” A BMI is a “body mass index,” a supposed measure of weight in relation to overall body size.

Instagram models tend to appear more obviously feminine, while fashion models are often “androgynous or masculine,” according to the Vix analysis.

In her latest photo post, Ratchford left no doubt as to which genre she belongs, with an aggressive and almost fully nude “hand bra” pose. Unfortunately, the post was so steamy that it was removed from Instagram, but Ratchford leaves no shortage of suggestive posts in any event.

In fact, as the Inquisitr earlier chronicled, Ratchford has become near-legendary on Instagram for her mastery of the “hand bra,” which the Your Dictionary site defines as “The act of covering the nipples and areolae with the hands, sometimes used for modesty in photographic poses.”

And as the men’s magazine Maxim has pointed out, “We’ve seen supermodel Emily Ratajkowski, Maxim model Khloe Terae, Instababe Demi Rose Mawby and countless other beauties make use of the ‘hand bra.’ Abigail Ratchford’s attempts may be the most dangerous.”

Not only does Ratchford’s physique fit the profile of the Instagram model, her face also appears to fall comfortably into the definition of the “Instagram face” spelled out in a recent article in the New York Post: “thoughtfully constructed eyebrows, faces heavily contoured and highlighted, lips matte and plump.”

“Social media has long been hailed for championing diversity, a welcome refuge from the often homogeneous mass media. But these days, people, in particular young girls, are increasingly striving to look the same — on the platform and in real life,” the Post article stated. In one Instagram post, Ratchford demonstrated her own similarity with fellow Instagram star Demi Rose Mawby

But Ratchford is clear that she does not hold herself up as an example for young girls to emulate.

“I’m in no way somebody to look up to for body stuff,” she said, as quoted by the Inquisitr. “When you see this image, it’s been altered, it’s been perfected. This is not real life.”