Instagram Hottie Julianne Kissinger Goes Braless In Sexy Tank And Short Shorts In Latest Snap


Instagram model “Juli Annee” is followed by millions of fans on the social media site and she is known for her sizzling-hot sexy photos. However, she also has maintained a sense of mystery to a degree that few on the social media site can manage to maintain. In her latest posts, the stunningly gorgeous gal flaunted her assets and these posts are not to be missed.

This San Diego-based Instagram hottie has amassed 4.8 million followers on the social media page and that’s just on her main account. Her real name is reportedly Julianne Kissinger and she’s of German and Portuguese descent. As her website notes, she has one young daughter and Julianne has been noticed as someone to keep an eye on by Maxim.

One peek at Julianne’s Instagram page makes it clear that this model is confident and doesn’t hesitate to flaunt her buzzworthy assets. In her most recent post, she is wearing itsy-bitsy denim shorts and she is braless under a white crop tank top.

Kissinger’s minimalist ensemble reveals plenty of cleavage and it’s impossible to miss Julianne’s flat stomach and curvy legs. This latest post amassed more than 80,000 likes in just eight hours, and 1,000 followers commented on how beautiful and sexy she looked in this particular shot.

Another recent post showcased Julianne’s curvacious booty as she wore a white thong and revealing red top. Kissinger was standing next to a window, her back to the camera, and this post attracted nearly 110,000 likes in a day.

The Instagram star clearly knows what her followers like and she doesn’t hesitate to provide the types of photos her fans love on a regular basis. Unlike many of the Instagram models on the site these days, though, Julianne doesn’t go overboard in promoting products or fashion brands.

What Kissinger does do via her site, however, is offer up ways for followers to get more access to her sexy content, albeit for a price. Julianne knows her best angles and features and in another recent post she joked about how she was wearing clothes for a change of pace. She also joked about how her boobs were bigger than her head.

Julianne Kissinger’s approach definitely seems to be working for her, as her Instagram follower count has risen steadily since she started sharing her sultry selfies. Her millions of fans thoroughly appreciate her confidence and openness and are always ready to show up and support her efforts as she pushes boundaries and sends hearts racing.