Jenna Dewan Flaunts Her Dancer’s Figure In ‘Full Dancer Glam’ Fishnet Outfit

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images for Baby2Baby

Jenna Dewan has been embracing her dancer’s background lately and it’s clear that she’s still got it. The actress and dancer may be working through a somewhat intense divorce from estranged husband Channing Tatum, but based on her latest Instagram Stories, she looks like she is doing just fine.

The dancer and actress is known for sharing sizzling-hot photos with her 5.3 million fans on Instagram. And it looks like Jenna had some especially buzzworthy shots to share on Wednesday when she posted some pictures and video clips to her Instagram Stories.

Dewan joked that she was going with a “full dancer glam” look on Wednesday, and the first photo she shared showed her in her car. She was wearing a black sports bra and a long-sleeved black fishnet mesh top, as the shot showed a glimpse of her amazing abs and cleavage. Jenna also added in a kitty filter to spice things up a bit.

In the second picture, fans got a better glimpse of Dewan’s full glam dancer ensemble. In addition to the black mesh top and sports bra, the black mesh covered her legs as well. She also had on black booty shorts or something similar, and low-hanging, torn-up jeans.

Jenna shared a behind-the-scenes glimpse at what she was working on, and she was with someone filming in what seemed to be a dance studio. Dewan was also with Jade Chynoweth, a fellow dancer and actress that Jenna has known for some time now and who appears in the YouTube Red series Step Up: High Water.

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What are Jenna and Jade working on that has them dressed up in such sexy get-ups? Chynoweth did tease via her Instagram Stories that she’s working on shooting a new e-book about preparing for Step-Up, but it’s not clear whether that’s what she was tackling with Dewan or not.

Dewan is juggling quite a few projects at the moment, based on what’s up on her IMDb page right now. She has a role on the television show The Resident, and she has three projects currently in post-production: Berlin, I Love You, Mixtape, and The Wedding Year. In addition, Jenna has a Danskin collection coming out soon, and last week she shared a shot from the set of World of Dance.

Whatever Jenna Dewan and Jade Chynoweth were filming on Wednesday, it seems to have a sexy, saucy feel to it. The ladies joked about how these are the kinds of outfits they wore casually all the time, and Jade was wearing a fairly similar ensemble.

Fans will be anxious to learn more about this project involving Jenna Dewan, since it looks like she’s doing some dancing and showing off her sexy and sultry side. She may not be happily married to Channing Tatum any longer, but she’s forging forward and it looks like she’s doing great.