Jill Scott Performs ‘Air Sex’ On A Microphone, Boasts Baby Making Music Reputation

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Jill Scott took to social media on Wednesday, November 14, with an affirming response to the shock that scores of fans expressed after pressing play on a recording that has gone viral to show the Philly songstress simulating oral sex on a microphone.

Over the past 48 hours, the video in question has inspired droves of tweets from fans who knew Jill Scott to be a prolific writer of love songs but were caught off guard by the lengths she went to provide a visual of her grasp on fellatio during a recent show. The clip, which has been published by Billboard and various other publications, starts with a magnetized Jill lulling back and forth as she hums to an instrumental portion of her song “Crown Royal.” Before long it becomes apparent to the giddy crowd that she has drifted from the music, as she lets her tongue out and then begins to stroke the mic with her hands. At one point during the number, Jill gets so into the moment that she removes one hand and begins a fondling motion with it.

“I don’t know who tweeted that snippet but they didn’t capture the point. There’s good intention in everything I do, particularly for couples,” Jill opened up her hump day on Twitter by stating. “I’ve BEEN me baby. ALL of me. Check the discography. Peace.”

The tweet echoed sentiments that she shared while addressing all the hysteria the previous morning. In the former post, Jill confessed that channeling sensual acts is something she has long done at her shows. Jill even went so far as to boast that her live performances have been known to send couples home eager to reenact the contents of some of her more provocative sets. Apparently unafraid of being perceived as raunchy, it was evident in some of the language used in the tweet that the dual-threat singer and actress fully embraced the reaction she’s been receiving.

Many of those why opined on the performance were supporters who wondered aloud about who out in the world could have possibly been in the dark about the nature of Jill’s discography. One fan listed nearly a dozen singles that give a chronology of bedroom standards she’s got to her name. Among those mentioned were “Making you Wait,” “Until Then (I Imagine),” “Cross My Mind,” “Honey Molasses,” “Exclusively,” “So Gone,” “Wanna Be Loved,” “He Loves Me,” and “Come See Me.”

QuestLove of the Roots made sure to get in on the trending topic as well.

“Lol at y’all Jill Scott newbies. Y’all thought she was incense and sandals huh?”