Is Tori Roloff Pregnant? ‘LPBW’ Fans Spot Maybe Baby Bump In New Video

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Little People, Big World fans are anxious to see the Roloff family expand and some fans have started to wonder if Zach and Tori might be ready to add to their family. They already have little Jackson, who turned one not long ago, and they also added puppy Murphy to their crew recently. However, a video shared on social media by family patriarch Matt led some LPBW fans to wonder if there is pregnancy news they will be sharing soon.

The video in question was in a post on Instagram that Matt Roloff shared on Monday evening. He noted that sometimes the goodbyes are tough, and the clip was of many of the Little People, Big World family members together.

The gathering included Tori, Zach, and Jackson along with Zach’s twin brother Jeremy, his wife Audrey, and their daughter Ember. It looks like both families were getting ready to leave Matt’s place, and at one point, Tori picked up Jackson and helped him wave goodbye.

It was that moment where Tori picked up Jackson that got many Little People, Big World fans buzzing. Was Tori sporting a baby bump perhaps? More than a few of Matt’s followers posted comments wondering that very thing, but right now, nobody really knows for certain.

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Sometimes the goodbye’s are what matters.

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As most LPBW fans know, Tori isn’t someone who posts photos of herself on social media in tight-fitting clothing or revealing poses. She goes for comfortable clothing and that makes it tough for followers to get a sense of whether she might be concealing a baby bump or just wearing comfy clothes as she chases Jackson around.

Fans of the Roloff family have been on baby bump watch since puppy Murphy joined the family. Many Little People, Big World fans remember that there had been discussions between Zach and Tori about this when they discussed getting another dog.

At the time of these family discussions, they came to something of a loose agreement. They sort-of decided that if Zach agreed to get another dog, Tori would agree that they could start working on adding another child to the family too.

Not long ago, Tori did take to her Instagram page to say that she wasn’t pregnant after some LPBW fans started to wonder. However, she has also said that they were probably going to head in the direction of expanding their family at some point soon.

Numerous commenters also pointed out that Jackson isn’t all that old and people shouldn’t expect that Tori have a totally flat tummy after her first pregnancy. Us Weekly notes that several people thought it was rude for people to speculate about it, but it was clearly on the minds of many people as they watched Matt’s video.

Will Tori and Zach Roloff have fun news to share soon about a second baby, or are they still in the planning stages? Little People, Big World fans would love to see them reveal something exciting like this soon, but for now, everybody will have to stay tuned and keep watching to see if they share any updates.

Update: It didn’t take long for Tori Roloff to address this latest round of speculation via her Instagram page…