Annaliese Puccini Goes Topless In Latest Instagram Pic, Says She’s ‘Naked And Not Afraid’

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Annaliese Puccini shared a portrait of herself topless, as she covered herself with her hands. She captioned the Instagram post, “Naked and not afraid,” as Puccini stood outside in front of some trees. She wore her hair down, with some pink lipstick and dark eye makeup. Annaliese accessorized with some bracelets and rings, as well as one thin necklace.

In the captions, Puccini went into detail about how she’s feeling as she’s turning 34-years-old. She also mentioned her father, which is not surprising at all, considering that he sadly passed away on Tuesday morning. This is what Annaliese had to say.

“I’ve been very transparent and vulnerable this year and I will continue to be open. I’ve learned so much about myself this year, through The Bachelor, travel, family, friends and relationships coming and going and although there are things that still scare me. I’m not afraid and I’m welcoming another year of evolving and growing as a person!”

Puccini has become well-known among Bachelor Nation as one of the most optimistic personalities around. Fans shared many positive messages of support in the comments, including one person that let her know the following.

“I’m sorry for your loss sweetie. You’re beautiful. Don’t ever feel shame for a photo like this. It’s natural [sic] beautiful.”

Unfortunately, as is the case for many women, baring their bodies this way can also come with harsh criticism. Annaliese even responded to one user’s comment, saying the following.

“we come into this world naked and we leave it that way… this is be baring it all because I’m feeling the most vulnerable I’ve ever felt in my life and I’m trying to embrace that… I am mourning but that doesn’t mean I stop living too.”

Some people pointed out that it could be “too soon” to be sharing a topless photo on Instagram following her dad’s passing, but Puccini’s fans came to her defense.

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Early Tuesday morning my father passed away. It has been an extremely emotional couple of weeks. I was with him in the hospital everyday and holding his hand when he passed. I was a total daddy’s girl when I was a kid and our relationship has definitely had our share of ups and downs but over the last five years we had been getting much closer, and I am heartbroken that we don’t have more time together. On 10/9/17 he escaped his house in the middle of the night and lost that home in the Sonoma fires and exactly one year later we lost him. My dad was a remarkable business man with a zest for life, food and hospitality, he was a world traveler and an absolute renaissance man. He was the CEO and founder of his company The Puccini Group. He will be missed by his family, friends, his company, colleagues and me ... . This is a very difficult time, please be kind and respect our privacy. . . “death is nature’s way of saying ‘your table is ready’” -Robin Williams. . Love you Dad.. your table is ready

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During yesterday’s Instagram post, Annaliese described how her dad lost his home during the tragic Sonoma fires, and that he passed away exactly a year after the tragedy. The fires deeply impacted the community, as swatches of cities were completely disintegrated into ash. People were hurt, some fatally, while many were left displaced, according to Sonoma Magazine.

In fact, over 5,300 homes were destroyed, detailed the Sonoma Index-Tribune. And while there are construction efforts underway, things are taking a long time due to resources, contaminated water, and expenses.