'OutDaughtered' Update: Danielle Busby's Health Concerns Lead To Worries And Revelations

Stacy Carey

Fans of TLC's OutDaughtered have been buzzing over this week's episode, as previews had teased that it could be a stunning one. Mom Danielle has been struggling with some health issues and it sounded as if she could even be pregnant. Busby was also worried that she might be facing a medical challenge like Crohn's or something similar, and Tuesday's show finally revealed some answers. What's going on with Danielle?

As viewers have seen via previews and recent episodes for OutDaughtered, busy mom of six Danielle Busby has been struggling with some medical concerns. While it is understandable that Busby would be tired and stressed as the mom of quintuplets and one older child, things had gotten to the point that she and her husband Adam were concerned that perhaps something more was happening. As TLC's sneak peeks had teased, the family started to wonder if perhaps she was pregnant and this had everybody buzzing.

Answers were finally revealed during Tuesday night's episode. Danielle and husband Adam had some tense moments because they discovered that there might be a possibility she was pregnant. Adam had gotten a vasectomy after the quints were born, but Danielle was frustrated to learn that he had missed a follow-up appointment that would have verified that the procedure was successful. Without those test results, there was a slight possibility that Busby could have been pregnant again.


As Tuesday's episode played out on TLC, Danielle worked with her doctor and was told that she did not have Crohn's or any similar health issues that had been a possibility. Adam did get in for his follow-up testing, at last, but the OutDaughtered stars continued to feel anxious about the possibility that a seventh child might have been on the way. He finally talked her into taking a pregnancy test, and the Busby couple stressed as they waited for the results.

Both Danielle and Adam took a sigh of relief when the pregnancy test revealed that there was no additional Busby baby on the way. In addition, they also got the all-clear from his doctor noting that his vasectomy was successful. Danielle is still faced with the challenge of reducing her stress and anxiety in hopes of feeling better, but they were relieved to have several major issues ruled out.

After the episode, Danielle took to Twitter to follow-up on the discussion she had with Adam during the episode about having another child. The OutDaughtered star noted that if they were called to parent another child, they would never say no. Busby said that the door is always open if it happened to be that God's plan was for them to grow their family. However, at least for now, it's clear that both Danielle and Adam were ultimately relieved that she wasn't pregnant.

New episodes of OutDaughtered air every Tuesday night on TLC. Fans love watching Adam, Danielle, and their six kids work through their day-to-day challenges and can't wait to see what comes next.