Halle Berry Poses Topless In Nature-Inspired Instagram Post

Halle Berry once again proves she only grows sexier with time. The 52-year-old actress took to Instagram to share a photo in which she appears to be topless, baring her sexy back and long lush wavy hair against a brightly-lit backdrop of tree branches.

To accompany the photo, she shared the message, "Nature's always got your back."

Fans of the Catwoman star were obviously delighted, as the comment section proves.

"And what a Beautiful FRUIT bearer," one user wrote. "You're blessed with amazing lines Halle...like Mother Nature herself," another fan wrote.

One of Berry's motivations for leading a healthy lifestyle and keeping fit was being diagnosed with diabetes when she was 19. She had to learn how to make serious lifestyle changes and focus on her diet and exercise regime to maintain good health.

The gorgeous actress often uses her social media to show off her enviable body and curves. She is a fan of health and fitness and sticks to a rigorous regime of yoga, martial arts, and boxing, among other forms of exercise.

The mother of two celebrated her 52nd birthday last week on August 14, proving that age has no bearing on confidence and sexiness.

To mark her revolution around the sun, her good friend Will Smith took to social media to wish her a happy birthday in a sweet, but slightly creepy, way. The 49-year-old actor posted a picture that combines his face with Berry's for a mashup photo of the two together.

"Happy Bday @HalleBerry. I was googling for pictures of us together and this is all I could come up with," Will wrote via his Instagram account.

The photo showed off Berry's body, eyes, and hair paired with Will Smith's nose and mouth, complete with facial hair. She seemed to love the photo, as evidenced by her awesome response. To thank her friend's odd birthday wish, she created her own version of his photo, this time juxtaposing her features on Will's body.

"My darling @willsmith – I cannot thank you enough for your lovely birthday wish – may our features forever be this compatible – and may we ONLY use these photos instead of any actual photos together from now on," she wrote, with an accompanying hilarious hashtag, "#WilleSmerry."

Berry celebrated her birthday by having a cake fight with her friends before she hit the town to eat cake and drink wine at Yardbird. She also received a sweet drawing from her daughter, Nahla, 10.