Cop Taped Self Having Sex, Kept Naked Pics Of 5-Year-Old Daughter In Folder Named ‘Fun Times,’ Reports Say

Anthony Doran, who was a police officer in Superior, Arizona, was swept up in an investigation of that department for being “dominated by officers who were previously fired or suspended from other departments,” according to The Arizona Republic, when a police secretary stumbled across a video on his work computer that appeared to show Doran in his office engaged in sexual intercourse with an unidentified woman.

According to a Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff’s Department report obtained by The Republic, Doran admitted that he filmed the sex video using his official, police-issued body camera. According to the report quoted by the paper in the approximately four-minute video, “Anthony is sitting in an office chair and straddling him is a naked adult female (who is not a police employee).”

But Doran said that he did not deserve to be suspended for the offense, believing that a week’s suspension — or a “40” as in “40 hours” — should be sufficient. “I’ll admit to that and take my 40,” Doran told Pinal County investigators, according to the report.

According to a report by KPNX TV News in Phoenix, which may be viewed below, “the video shows Anthony Doran turn on his body camera and angle it toward himself. In the video, Doran is wearing his police uniform sitting at a desk showing a woman sitting on his lap.”

But according to the reports, the body cam sex tape was not the only sexually-related material discovered in the investigation of Doran. On a flash drive attached to his work computer, investigators discovered a folder named “Fun Times” that contained 36 gigabytes of images. Many of the images were pornographic in nature, and some images were photos of Doran’s own penis, according to the report.

Also included in the “Fun Times” folder were several pictures of a naked, young girl whom Doran later said was his own 5-year-old daughter. But Doran insisted that the photos of his daughter were not sexual or suggestive, according to a report by The USA Today Network.

After being referred for a criminal investigation into the photos, no charges were filed against Doran — but the Pinal County Sheriff’s reports noted, “there is suspicion that some grooming behavior may be present,” according to the KPNX report.

The version of the body cam video shown in the KPNX report is heavily censored and edited, but the remainder of the footage is sexually graphic, according to the TV station’s account.

While the woman in the video has not been identified publicly and whether she consented to be filmed engaged in sexual activity with Doran is unknown, the tape is not the first sexually-related incident involving Doran as a police officer, according to The Republic. The paper reported that according to police records, “in 2013 Doran was terminated by the Pima County Sheriff’s Office for kissing and fondling a woman in his patrol car while on duty, then trying to delete sexually explicit pictures and texts from his cellphone.”