‘Bachelorette’ Star Leo Dottavio Planning To Pursue Legal Action Over Bekah Martinez’s Harassment Allegations

Craig SjodinABC

It looks like the drama involving Bachelor franchise veterans Leo Dottavio and Bekah Martinez isn’t over yet. Even though the two have never met in person, they got into an intense battle on social media recently after she shared anonymous accusations from other women who accused him of being inappropriate with them. Now, he says he’s pursuing legal action against her.

As the Inquisitr previously detailed, this conflict between Leo Dottavio and Bekah Martinez began when she took to her social media pages to share allegations from other women who said that he had acted inappropriately with them previously. Things got heated as Leo and Bekah tore into one another and he had a lawyer contact her and pressure her to take the posts down.

Dottavio, who appeared on Becca Kufrin’s Bachelorette season this spring and will also be on this summer’s Bachelor in Paradise, did issue a statement as things progressed. He apologized to anybody he had ever made feel uncomfortable but maintained that he had never been made aware of any specific issues.

Leo had reportedly been suspended from Universal Studios’ Water World where he works, but now the Bachelor in Paradise star is speaking out and saying that’s not accurate. In addition, Dottavio says he’s currently in the process of taking legal action against Bekah.

The Bachelorette castoff spoke to the Blast and said that he chose to take a leave of absence from his job and says he has not been suspended. Leo says that as far as he knows, nobody has made any allegations of sexual harassment against him at work. Dottavio adds that he decided to take time away from work because he didn’t want the media to pursue him at his place of employment, and it seems he fully expects to return to work when he has things resolved.

For their part, the production company involved says that the current allegations are not connected to Dottavio’s workplace and that they are giving Leo time to handle the situation privately. Reports have emerged alleging that someone at Universal has filed a complaint against Leo, though he seems to dispute that.

As this all plays out, Leo apparently has decided to go after Bekah via legal action. He says that he is in the initial stages of filing a lawsuit, and at the moment, he is pulling together proof that can demonstrate he has incurred a loss of wages. How far will this go? Page Six notes that at this point, neither Leo or Bekah seems willing to comment on the situation any further, and it may take some time for things to progress.

This situation obviously escalated quite quickly and Bachelor in Paradise fans will be anxious to see what comes next. It’s not clear at this point what, if anything, Bekah Martinez can do to resolve this easily and it’ll be interesting to see how far Leo Dottavio pushes this when there may or may not be women willing to speak up about what they allege happened to them.