Kim Kardashian's Explicit Tape Still The Most Watched, According To 'Radar Online'

On March 29, 2017, adult site Pornhub celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the release of the explicit tape featuring Kim Kardashian and Ray J. The adult site referred to the KUWTK star as their number one adult star on their Twitter with the hashtag #10yearsofrayj. A recent report from Radar Online says the explicit tape is still the most-watched adult video of all time, and Pornhub recognized Kim as their best star ever.

The report by Radar Online looks at how the explicit tape launched the socialite into the limelight. According to the report, the 41-minute video was influential in her rise to fame. The report also claims that Google searches for the tape always spike when the KUWTK star's name is in the limelight.

Interestingly, the report alleges that both Kim and Ray J still earn around $360,000 per year from the explicit tape. The former couple allegedly made more than $100 million from the explicit tape. The tape is still the highest-selling celebrity explicit tape and the most-watched adult video of all time. The report claims that someone starts watching the explicit tape every 1.5 seconds.

In March of 2007, the reality TV star became famous when Vivid Entertainment illegally distributed the 41-minute footage of Kim and Ray J having intercourse and the socialite performing explicit activity on her former boyfriend. The adult entertainment company released the video in 2007, titled Kim Kardashian, Superstar.

Kim Kardashian rose to fame astronomically after the tape was released, making her an instant superstar and a household name. Many believe that the release of the explicit tape was instrumental in establishing Kim as a global brand.

Kardashian reportedly laughed off the recent trending explicit tape featuring Blac Chyna, according to SOHH. Some Twitter users have accused Chyna of releasing her own explicit tape to become famous. The former stripper and mother of two seemed eager to get more fame, according to reports.

Just like the Kardashian tape, there has been much speculation about the source of the leaked footage. The mystery surrounding the leakage of the explicit tapes may remain unknown. Twitter users have been requesting the Blac Chyna explicit tape, but it still pales to the demand for the Kim and Ray J video. The Kardashian tape has received more than 133 million views on Pornhub.

While the media focuses on the Kardashian family, there is no denying the impact of the explicit tape on the creation of the Kardashian brand.