Amanda Lepore And Kanye West? Transgender Woman's Naked 'Doll Parts' Book On 'Rapper,' Kim Kardashian's Body?

Paula Mooney

Amanda Lepore is a transgender celebrity whose new book, Doll Parts, has caused Amanda's name to be linked with Kanye West's name by folks trying to guess a "blind item" included in the book. According to Page Six, Lepore's new memoir speaks about a secret liaison between Amanda and a famous rapper. Even though Doll Parts does not mention Kanye by name, Page Six sources have pegged Kanye as the potential unnamed rapper being written about in the memoir.

The NSFW memoir contains naked photos of Lepore, which are instrumental in pegging down if Amanda was writing about Kanye and Kim Kardashian when she wrote about the famous rapper whose songs were often on the playlist of the night clubs where Amanda also appeared, and the rapper later married a woman who had a body with a similar shape to Lepore's body.

As seen in Lepore's book, Amanda wears crystal pasties in one black-and-white photo and little else as she shows off a slender waist and voluptuous lips. Another black-and-white photo of Amanda shows her with uncovered breasts and only wearing long gloves and a corset around her small waist, hooked to thigh-high stockings, topped off with sky-high heels. Lenore opens the book by calling hers the "most expensive body on earth." Amanda went on to write about getting her female body part that she desired as a 17-year-old.

According to the New York Times, Lepore's real age is anyone's guess. On Tinder, she is 36 years of age. In her book, Amanda is 49 years of age. Lepore writes about how hard it was for a transgender woman to find love, and her close friend pegged Ms. Lepore's obsession with plastic surgery due to a belief that she has never been "feminine enough." Amanda's first serious relationship was with a man that Lepore claimed beat her when he discovered she was transgender.

Despite those who are guessing that Kanye may have been Lepore's secret lover at one point in life, Kanye's friend told Page Six that a hook-up between Amanda and Kanye was "not within the realm of possibility." Lepore didn't confirm or deny Kanye as her former lover.

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