Wedding Dress Bra 2017: Adhesives Trend Follows Sheer, See-Through Lace, And Bralette Styles

This year, finding the perfect sexy bra to wear with a wedding dress might be tricky because the trend in 2017 continues to be sheer, and the bralette and other strapless styles are giving adhesive bras a new focus.

Many predictions come from the fashion shows that take place months before the actual end of the year, but few focus on bridal foundation garments. In their defense, it might be difficult to show off a sexy wedding bra at a fashion show when it is an adhesive.

For these reasons, achieving the “barely there” bridal gown trend that began as early as 2012 in the U.K., can be difficult for brides to figure out.

Despite this, the sheer wedding dress is one that is here to stay. For example, in mid-2016, Isabeli Fontana wore a sheer wedding dress with a sexy bra underneath, according to Hollywood Life.

As it appears, the words sheer and wedding dress started to become a trend after Kate Middleton wore a lace overlay wedding dress, and it appeared her bra was completely invisible.

It soon became obvious to many brides that in order to combine the sheer fabric and also backless style that Kate Middleton’s wedding dress had, an adhesive bra, a corset, or going braless might be the only choice.

 Sexy bra trends for weddings follow sheer dresses.

However, is a bralette appropriate for a wedding dress? Over the past few years, a lot of formal dresses worn by celebrities on the red carpet involve a sheer evening gown fabric with a sexy bra clearly visible underneath. When model Toni Garrn wore a sheer dress to a New York Fashion Week party, it was described as “leaving little to the imagination,” according to Daily Mail.

Along the lines of strapless and backless bras, bralettes might end up being appropriate for a wedding in 2017. Interestingly, some of the 2017 trends for bralette dresses have open lace designs, according to InStyle, and that mean adhesive bras would be the only choice.

Clearly, any wedding dress that will have a “barely there” appearance around the chest or back will need an appropriate bra, but traditional padded bras or corsets might not work as well as adhesive bras.

Getting familiar with adhesive bras will be necessary for everyday clothing as well, because the barely-there trend is also commonly in the forecast for 2017 style trends outside of formal wear. This corresponds with the latest fashion trend that includes wearing no bra, no bra or shirt with a blazer, or wearing a bra as a shirt.

For example, ET Online published photos of Mariah Carey wearing a bra as a top with a sheer shirt over the bra. Ariel Winter is also taking a cue from Mariah Carey, and was spotted wearing a similar bra and sheer top combo.

At the Jingle Ball 2016, Ariana Grande wore a bra as a shirt with a puffer jacket, mini skirt, and earmuffs. Earlier in the year Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills star Morgan Stewart wore a white pantsuit with a stylish black bra as a shirt.

On the red carpet for the premiere of Certain Women at the New York Film Festival, Kristen Stewart wore a red double-breasted blazer with matching pants, but did not wear a shirt or bra underneath.

Emily Ratajkowski’s bustier over a T-shirt was another take on the bra-as-a-shirt trend. Kendall Jenner turned heads when she wore a pretty black lace bralette over a white T-shirt.

In addition to needing a bra for a wedding dress that does not show, there is also an ongoing trend to let the bra straps show. For example, brides or bridesmaids can follow Amy Winehouse’s example of always wearing a bra with straps even if the dress requires strapless bras.

Fashion shows give a nod to sexy bras to compliment sheer wedding dresses.

Responding to these trends, Victoria’s Secret recently declared the “new sexy bra” has no padding and some declared the padded bra was “officially over.” The Wall Street Journal explained that the bralette is upending Victoria’s Secret, and this is why their new line responds to the bra-free and sports bra trends.

Despite the growing fashion trends surrounding sheer wedding dresses or casual wear, special advice about going bra-free includes avoiding the built-in bra.

Brides expert Sandy Malone also stated that sheer fabrics can show off more nudity than expected when the person wearing them is being photographed in backlit situations.

As a standard, if adhesive bras are the only option, Fashionista says there are seamless push-up bras that adhere directly to the skin, such as Nubra or Fashion Forms for fuller breasts.

For bra-free wedding gowns that are extremely sheer and revealing, silicon nipple covers are often used by stylists, as well as skin-friendly, double-sided tape made by fashion pros for securing the neckline.

[Feature Image by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]