Victoria Silvstedt Accidentally Flashes Her Vagina At St Barths

Victoria Silvstedt gave the camera quite a vagina show as she nearly suffered a colossal wardrobe malfunction at St. Barths.

Silvstedt was having some leisure time at the beach on Wednesday when the accidental vagina show happened. She was clad in a white two piece and as usual, the cameras were all over her trying to get some sexy scoops. Unfortunately, the Swedish model showed off more than she intended after her skimpy outfit failed to cover up her modesty.

Victoria Silvstedt vagina show at St. Barts

Soaking up the sunshine in white

Silvstedt was dressed in a racy white bikini. Her bikini top had an interesting design which covered up her boobs completely from the sides, leaving space between then so that her entire cleavage was visible. Her bikini bottoms were also stringy especially on her hips and it seems they did not want to stay where they were supposed to be thus slightly exposing her vagina.

Victoria seemed not to give a care whether she got exposed or not. She was clearly determined to have a good time in her own desired way. She continued to enjoy the sunshine on her sun lounger. She was later seen clad in a quirky short white skirt which barely covered up anything.

Determined to get that tan everywhere

Different photos of the Swedish model feature her lying on the same sun bed, this time showing off her body as she lay slightly on one side. Again the short white dress did her no justice, thus leaving her pert derriere exposed perhaps intentionally so that it could benefit from a tan. She also rocked a golden watch on her hand.

“Feeling happy and healthy after the most amazing holiday Will miss u St Barth’s ❤ #kinibikini #stbarth,” Victoria captioned one of her social media posts.

The Swedish model also had a gray cap to cover her head and a pair of aviator sunglasses to give her eyes a bit of shade from the scorching sun. After spending ample time in the sun, Victoria decided to cool off a bit so she set off for a swim in the ocean with her friends. It gave the cameras a better opportunity to see her beautiful long legs and incredibly sexy figure. Some photos of the model walking along the shore feature Victoria talking to a friend who was clad in a blue bikini. The two women appeared to be in very good shape with each of them flaunting their flat tummies.

Victoria Silvstedt vagina show at St. Barts

The wind seemed to be a bother for Victoria because she was constantly struggling to keep her hair out of her face. She seemed eager to cool down in the water as seen in another photo in which she sat in the water so that the tide could splash over her body and especially on her derriere. She had previously revealed that doing yoga on the beach helps to maintain her physique.

Victoria previously revealed that despite her successful modeling career, she has never forgotten her roots. She added that her humble beginning played a key role in shaping her into the person that she is.

“I grew up in a small village in Sweden, a calm environment where everyone was friendly and treated each other equally. Believe it or not, I was a tomboy and passed my free time at my Grandmother’s farm with horses,” the model explained.

Victoria has graced the covers of more than 500 magazines during her modeling career. She now focuses mostly on making money through the financial markets. Victoria’s recent citing at St Barths proved that she still has the looks and she was not about to let something as small as accidentally flashing her vagina get in the way of having fun.

[Featured Image by Andrew Toth/Getty Images]