Sasha Pieterse Gives Instagram Followers A Unveiling Nude Photo Session

Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse has given her fans and Instagram followers something to enjoy looking at, while at the same time inspiring young girls alike to be a peace with themselves and their bodies. In a tasteful picture release by the young TV star on her Instagram account, the young beauty is pictured nude against a backdrop of curtains, with just the top of her bum making an appearance. The 20-year-old star showed through the steamy pic that she is not afraid to show off her body on social media.

The nude photograph was reportedly taken inside Sasha’s bedroom and sees the sultry temptress running her fingers through her hair, depicting her bare naked back and apple bottom. The camera angle is facing up and the picture shows how beautiful her naked back really is.

It’s still unclear as to who took the picture, there is however much speculation that the saucy pic was taken by Sasha’s fiancé, the relatively unknown (not famous), Hudson Sheaffer.

Social Media Kickback

The photo was by no means just for the fun of it. Sasha posted the photo with a somewhat powerful message to her fans, and addressed all women out there, hitting back after internet commenters slammed her for gaining weight. The ABC Family actress wrote an empowering letter to her fans, encouraging them to stay happy and healthy, no matter what other people are saying about them, captioning the post, “I am currently under construction…thank you for your patience.”

Sasha Pieterse nude show on instagram
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Through the heartfelt message in the picture’s caption, she thanked her fans for their support of both her and her Pretty Little Liars character Alison DiLaurentis, going even further than that, addressing some of her fans that had not been so supportive of her changing figure.

“As a lot of you have noticed my body has gone through some changes, and I want clear the air and give you an explanation. I have been facing a bad hormone imbalance that has thrown my body completely out of whack.”

When the high school-set series first aired back in 2010, Sasha was only 14-years-old, and the only actual teenager member of the show’s cast. During the shows progression over the past six years, the young stars’ weight has been noticeably fluctuating, and she has been caught up in some pretty harsh criticism by internet users over that time. The young starlet has assured fans that she is healthy and getting things back on track.

A Voice Of Inspiration

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To my incredible and loving fans, Words cannot express how amazed I am by you! I'm so thankful for the affection you have for me, Alison, and Pretty Little Liars! We/I wouldn't be able to make it happen without you! I get to do what I love every single day because of you guys! As a lot of you have noticed my body has gone through some changes, and I want to clear the air and give you an explanation. I have been facing a bad hormone imbalance that has thrown my body completely out of whack. I want to assure you that I'm healthy and getting everything back on track! A big thanks to all of you who have been in my corner! We live in such a judge mental society that puts every kind of flaw, including weight gain, in the same category. And for those of you who are struggling with any health problem, hormone imbalance, and weight gain of any sort I urge and encourage you to please deal with it in a healthy manor. YOU and YOUR health are what matters, not anyone else's opinions and assumptions of you. Getting healthy isn't just about working out and eating right (however extremely important) it's also about surrounding yourself with those who care about you and want to see you succeed and become the best you can be. I love every single one of you and I hold you all dear to my heart! Xoxoxox Sasha

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Sasha has expressed that she is notably disappointed that so many people have focused on her weight before anything else, and has inspired her fans, both young and old alike, with some insightful words of wisdom for dealing with the judgmental society we live in.

Sasha Pieterse nude show on instagram
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“We live in such a judgmental society that puts every kind of flaw, including weight gain, in the same category.”

To her fans she encourages those struggling with health issues of any kind to deal with them in a healthy manor, reassuring them that their health matters more than the opinions of others or what others think. Sasha’s words of wisdom went further than just the regular diet and exercise, which she does see as very important, but told those listening to surround themselves with people that care about them and that want them to succeed.

Sasha’s emotional and heartfelt letter was received well by her fans, earning her more than 134,000 likes and 8,000 comments. She seemed to touch a nerve of her fan base as the letter has received much attention and admiration from her adoring fans, thanking her for her words of encouragement and praising her for the hope she has brought through her inspiring and kind words.

Sasha has proven in the past that she is not afraid of flaunting herself in front of the camera for social media. She has previously been pictured showing off her morning bedhead, taken in the same room as the inspiring nude back photo, featuring a really close up picture of the actress with her blonde hair gracefully shadowing her face.

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